Okri's Headshot and Elite Challenges don't count up when game disconnects

  • Steps to reproduce the issue:
    I had the Weekly Challenges (Okri’s Challenges) to kill X Elites and get X Headshots. (This does also apply to “Slay X Monsters”. This may apply to other challenges, like critters or art, too, but I did not check them. This does not apply to “Collect Tomes”/ “Collect Grims”, “Play Quickplay” or “Play weekly mission”)
    I joined a game on legend where a disconnect occured. It was Against the Grain and the disconnect occured at the barn with the monster. I definitely killed at least a handful of maulers and chaos warriors and got a few headshots.
    As the challenges only state “Kill x Elites” and “Get x Headshots” and not “Get Headshots/Kills in Missions you manage to complete”, I’d think this is a bug. Additionally it feels as if the game does not respect my limited freetime. I just had an aborted mission because of a random disconnect, which happens, but I don’t want to be punished for that.

Btw, this does also happens if you don’t finish the mission because the party wipes. This does not feel right either, although it is a bit more understandable.

  • How consistently the issue occurs for you
    I checked my Weekly Challenges after a game I did not finish because of a wipe as well as after a game that had a disconnect. Both times the challenge was still at 0 of X Kills/ Headshots.

So yes yopu didnt finished mission and it didnt counted thats normal

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As Perteks said, this is not a bug. You need to successfully complete the mission in order to save any progress you made during that mission. This goes for everything; kills, loot pickups, art finds, achievements/challenges.

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In that case I may have chosen the wrong section to post to. Maybe feedback would have been the way to go.

Still, for the challenges I named (Kills, Headshots, Killed Monsters, Collected Art, Critters) this does not feel like the expected behavior. I’m still of the opinion that mission completion should not be relevant for those. If they would be to easy after the change, I wouldn’t mind if the numbers get tuned up a bit to balance the difficulty out.

That would be dumb, if you failed then these are consequences for that failure.

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Changing it to save progress in failed runs would allow people to host games and then leave as soon as they reach their goal. Everyone else in the lobby would just be booted have have their time wasted because the host “got what he came for and screw everyone else”.

Hosts are already rage quitting, crashing and disconnecting. Before we have proper host migration I see no reason to add more ways for people to have their runs ended by losing the host.


I’ll have to support @EnragedFountain here; mission rewards remaining exclusive till the end of the mission is important for encouraging a team to go through with gameplay. If not, the Kerillian in the corner is going to swipe every bomb, potion, and healing item for herself, hit her daily quest marker for killing ‘X’-Elites with a team, and then catch a CW overhead to the face.

Less than a second later, she’s left the game.


I prefer to blade Bardin, but that is another valid point indeed.

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