Killing enemies doesn't count when loosing

Trying to level up the expansion weapons (which are terrible by the way), but I’m not finishing a lot of maps. The kills I get then don’t count towards the 1000 for the skin.

I states “slay 1000 enemies with x weapon” not “slay 1000 enemies with x weapon while winning the map”.

It’s already an anoying grind given these weapons are terrible, but now I apperently gotta do it on low difficulty or something?

please fix

Why they should count ?

Yeah it doesn’t say that, maybe it should. Either way, all challenges are like that.
Complete the challenge -> Finish the level.
Not a bug.


Yep, perhaps should say but it should stay as is encourages finishing the map, good teamwork and playing within your difficulty.


Agreed. :+1:


Yeah, because when kills on a weapon towards a skin doesn’t count, I certainly do not want to win the map… genius

It could be easily exploited just to finish achievements / quests and deter from others gaming experience. Since it is a team game, having an ulterior motive that doesn’t hinge on success… it takes no genius to work it out.

Could say if your character dies he/she doesn’t get to collect rewards such as loot / skins… rewarding with some XP is bad/good enough.

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“It could be easily exploited” - how and why? “Ulterior motive” dude the hell you on about, this is a computergame about finishing a map, not some political game. Don’t ramble stupid stuff man.

A kill is a kill. A counter that counts kills should count kills - end of story.

On a side-note. The reward for failing a map are too small as it is. People insta-leave when they die as it is because you get jack-sh!t when you wipe, which is stupid. It’s also why this game is terrible on level 1 - you do 0 dmg, so you get wiped, which means you get no items, no progression, so you keep failing.

Fat shark needs to start playing this game themselves, the core is fantastic, but everything they bolt on is terrible - and I can actually back this one up, look at the recent reviews, they are all negative.

You keep failing at level 1 because you don’t understand the game. All there is to it.

Kills without map completion could be exploited by getting your kills on the first stretch of easy ambients every level, with bots if need be, until you wipe the first time. Reload the level and go again.
However rewards are supposed to come from successfully completing challenges, which means the entire level.

If all bosses were as difficult as Nurgloth at highest difficulties, I would argue against not getting another go at them if you first fail, without having to go through the whole level, but Nurgloth has slight balance issues atm.

Overall the only advice people can give you here is polite just play the game and learn. You’ll get your kills eventually. It’s not meant to be 1 map 1 skin.

The game has bad reviews because of two things - people want instant gratification nowadays and this game doesn’t give it. It has a learning curve. 2 - there are bugs, and not just a few. However this isn’t one of them.

If you have questions or would like some company in general, hop on squirrel squad discord and you’ll find people to help or run with you. Just don’t bring the kid in the candy store attitude.

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Think about it this way; If you don’t manage to finish the map, you don’t deserve to keep the accomplishments you achieved in said failed map.

Well again, why should you be rewarded for failing a mission? If the rewards were not low, or if players were to keep their progress, nobody would care whether they complete or fail the mission, which is not really encouraging in my opinion.

From what I can tell, people who instantly leave the game the second they die don’t leave because they are angry about not getting anything. They can’t even know that the team will wipe because well… they insta-leave before the “potential wipe” could happen.
It is hard for me to understand the mentality of those insta-leavers, but I guess they are just raging or afraid of what the team will say because, most of the time, it was their own fault that caused them to die in the first place. Like ruining away from the team and not being able to handle stuff on their own.


I found I was clobbering my way through the early levels. It felt great and was a really rewarding experience.

People insta-leave when the die because they’re pissed about dying and don’t have faith that their team will pick them up and give them healing; the reason they don’t have faith is because they lose regularly. If you’re playing on Legend and lose ~70% of the time, you should probably practice more on Champion so that you can get more practice as a player in more forgiving circumstances. Those players dying and insta-leaving are trying to loot-farm on too high a difficulty when, in reality, it would be easier for them to improve as a player to get hugely more benefit than any veteran item could provide.

On that note: a player is capable of never taking a hit. Regardless of stats or cleave or otherwise, Vermintide is a game largely based in skill. One of the best ways to get better is to practice on lower difficulties and move up as you find the little break-points for certain activities. I, for instance, learned pretty recently how to properly control a patrol; I can now regularly solo them if need be.


We did design this specifically to have players succeed in finishing maps in order to acrue progression on these milestones/challenges. It’s counter intuitive to have it any other way from our perspective as we don’t want to ever encourage a map to disband early. Any started map should be finished, or failed through legitimate failure (ideally).

edit: I suppose a counter argument might be that a legitimate fail is still an attempt, and could well happen right at the end of a map, at which point shouldn’t it be sage to reward people in some part for their efforts? Sadly we can’t determine what a legitimate fail is versus an intentional one, and we made a game that’s supposed to kick your butt a bit, and rewarding success (and not failure) is our MO!


okay i give up.

Came here a few times with annoyances and remarks about the game, but I always get white knighted by people telling me how wrong I am. In the meantime the player base is dwindling and I can’t even get a game right now as kerillian as the matchmaking tries to chuck me into the same 3 games OVER AND OVER AND OVER instead of creating a new one - another brilliant feature…

I could be wrong in everything I encounter, but my annoyance with these things is real, and certainly not looked at by the development. One thing is sure, I certainly do not feel heard in any way shape or form, even though I took the trouble to articulate my issues here.

So yeah, feel to stick to your guns and tell people they are wrong for being annoyed. IMO this is the reason the game died of so bloody quick even though at it’s core the game is spectacular.

I will not be posting here again.

You can call it whiteknighting all you want but you are presented with pretty legit concerns regarding the possibility of it being exploited if done any other way. You are honestly just refusing to listen and even consider the possibility.
Rest of your points have also been pretty well refuted so i won’t bother repeating them.


I mean we did discuss the topics with you, so you definetly get heard. (or read?)

And your idea is understandable, but it’s also a bit short-sighted. Hedge explained to you the issue in a clear way.

Many players will exploit such things if they get the ability to.
Just imagine a player telling you on a High Difficuly “Hang on I need another wave” even tho every wave has the certein possibility of a wipe. For my part, I don’t want players in my team who have no intention of finishing the level. And if I find a player without intention to finish the level the votekick is coming real fast.


Did you consider the fact that maybe you are actually wrong? That could happen you know, though it takes some courage to admit it.

You can always use this approved mod:

There is not reason for them to look into something that does not need changing just because you are incapable of finishing one map. They have far more important things to address.

Maybe you will change that attitude once you grow up. We will be here.


The game currently has around ~6-9k players during prime time. And even at weird hours in the middle of the night, it hovers around ~3k players.

I don’t think anyone is being a white knight. You had a suggestion, but in reality, it’s a very bad idea. I mean, I wanted to be able to dual wield hagbanes on my elven goddess. But the Devs told me no :frowning: Either way, I think everything was cleared up and this is not a bug, so I’m gonna close this now as it’s just getting repetitive. Good talk