A very unfair patrol on Horn of Magnus

On Horn of Magnus you can encounter a patrol on the roofs before the lift that takes you to the tower. Please rework it’s path, because right now it is absolutely unfair, you can not avoid it unless you are lucky, the patrol just circles on the roof where there’s no space to walk past them.
So you just go YOLO and fight, which turns into a guaranteed defeat on Cataclysm.
Also, if you could walk past it on Champion due to it’s length, again, on Cataclysm the line of elites is so long it looks like Ouroboros, and that’s why, again, it is impossible to walk past them safely, there’s no opening.
Either rework it’s route or remove it from the roofs completely.

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There’s a little room on the left after you enter to rooftops that you can hide in.

Chaos spawns are worse in that spawn. Pretty much a guarunteed fail. That encounter point should honestly be removed, it’s entirely too RNG.


The room doesn’t help. On Cataclysm the line is so long the end just stops in front of the door
The roof encounter must be removed, I agree.

And the final event of the map must be reworked too. it takes too long it’s just boring and tideous and you can’t do anything to control the pace (like completing mini-objectives such as aligning or chain breaking or barrels placing). You just wait, and it’s too long


No respawn point except for after the finale for anyone who dies anywhere in the tower or during the finale is pretty damn obnoxious.


That rooftop boss spawn is the hardest part about that whole level. Getting a Chaos Meatball there is just horrible.


Then again, boss spawn is hard but relies on players mastery, composition etc. It is extremely hard to fight on roofs but it may be an intended situation. The patrol is to be avoided and my point is, it can not be avoided and passed by safely no matter what. Devs wanted for us to avoid patrols but that one can not be avoided. So it kinda falls to #v2:bugs as well, I guess


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