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Repeatedly, plasteel gains hold me back whenever I try to make new builds from scratch. And, when talking with others, I have noted them having a similar situation: I have dockets and diamantine in plenty but never enough plasteel.

Damnation missions may give just enough for an upgrade or two, but it’s a ridiculous grind to craft up new weapons from scratch. Auric missions give unnecessary xp, too. So, why not swap out the xp gains from Auric missions–which are useless considering only max level characters can play Auric missions–with bonus plasteel gains?

Also, how about creating a resource exchange of some sort, so I can convert my 45k diamantine into some plasteel?

I will say that this issue doesn’t prevent the game from being fun, but it is a nuisance to players who like making and swapping between a ton of builds across multiple characters. Please address the plasteel economy.

Thanks for reading my suggestion!


Indeed the crafting is still bad (along with basically every adjacent system to it, like mission rewards), and it is looking suspiciously like none of our suggestions will be heeded for at least a few months.

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same issue iam runnig 10k diaman 0 plast, can be solved by adding some sort trade resource system (buy/sell/exchange)

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