A suggestion for when releasing new weapons

Please, do not add any more “Slay all lords on legend” quests. I find it so tedious to do everytime new weapon skins are released. I’d like to see quests that complete more naturally like the daily quests do. Instead of completing specific maps 5 times (1 for every character).

I also got the feeling this is causing the Lord maps to come up more often in QP, but that might be just me.


I agree. It does get rather tiresome running Lord map after Lord map (I know I don’t have to, I just like to get them all unlocked asap). It’s not a huge problem for me, but something different would be appreciated.

Possibly something related to the purpose of the weapon? Special/elite kills, trash kills, staggering stuff etc.


I might be the odd one out in that I like getting asked to go brawl in out with the Lords on non-optimized builds (twin hammers on Bardin isn’t exactly prime for slaying Bödvarr) because it poses a unique challenge that I would never do otherwise.

Additionally, I never go get skins for characters or weapons I don’t enjoy wielding, so I don’t tire myself out on every character. This is beside the point for completionists, though!

That being said, I do really like this suggestion:

I’d have nothing wrong with a change so I’d leave it up to the rest of the folks, but I don’t think this is much of an issue for the majority of the population… of the 13 other VT2 players I spend time with, 10 of them only have 1 character at level 30+ and never play different characters, 2 of the 13 have 3 characters 30+, and only one person in my immediate group has all character at 35.

Not to say this is a perfect sample of the population, but just that only 1 of them would actually care about this change and the remainder see it as a cool goal to strive for.

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