A single small ranged enemy can take out your entire toughness in one burst

Playing as an Ogryn on damnation, I feel like I’m not able to do anything the moment a group of ranged enemies show up.

Just ONE ranged enemy can instantly take out my 100 toughness that takes forever to build up (20% toughness on heavy swing, IF you can even get a swing in!).

Not even an elite, just a lone ranged dude all on his own just obliterates my toughness. Now, I can slide and dodge out of the way of it, but when there’s two ranged guys firing asynchronously, nope, I get hit regardless.

Once I’m hit, I’m useless.

I can’t charge them even with the 10% toughness for each enemy charged, because they shred my healthbar instantly. Even if I’m in melee ranged with those guys, they still blast me down like nothing, even with sliding.

None of my ranged weapons are good for taking them out because the sheer suppression from their attacks actually prevents me from attacking.

I can’t use cover in some areas because there’s a few zones that don’t have corner cover (Doors, walls, etc.) and only have those small boxes that I can’t use as cover because I’m massive (And yet, have absolutely no suppression resistance or ranged damage reduction).

Even with dodge sliding, I can barely create space for my teammates because getting hit with ranged literally staggers me out of my melee attacks and dodges.

I just have to either equip a shield so I don’t get melted, or sit waayy in the back so I don’t get shredded by the 50 ranged guys + 5 gunners + 2 rippers that are endlessly firing without reloading or downtime. I then have to slowwwwwlllyy wait for my toughness to recover from coherency (Which takes AGES), only for it to get instantly deleted from a random-ass ranged dude hiding in a little corner.

So frustrating.

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At this point I think the main way to play non-shield Ogryn versus packs of ranged mobs is to peek for a split second to lob a grenade at them. Then the grenade knocks them over and maybe kills a couple and you can advance more safely.

This can be pretty difficult depending on how far they are and I wish Ogryn had more/better weapons for dealing with ranged packs, or if ranged enemies did way less stagger. But for now I think that’s what high-level Ogryn’s are stuck doing.

Rumbler is your friend, it has a big aoe and knocks em down for you to charge.

Rumbler/grenadier gauntlet, paying attention to when they’re going for cover (They have a distinct hunched over animation) or they’re targeting someone else, and toughness blessings on your melee make a huge difference. I basically consider confident strike mandatory for how I play. Momentum is a bonus as well.

I’d also highly recommend the increased passive toughness regen, it’s extremely useful for filling in gap times. Toughness curios as well (I use two toughness and one health). Knowing when to let your health soak some hits to get close enough to force them into melee/get back toughness is also something you just have to get a feel for. Even without wound curios you can afford to go down for a free heal too, it’s very rare for me to go down even on damnation and when I do I usually just think of it as a free top up.

EDIT: Worth noting that I do think ranged enemies need some tuning to be more fun and less frustrating at times, this just ways you can adequately deal with them in the interim.