A question for WP's and GK's

I see this quite a bit in cataclysm recently for some reason, it’s that a lot of WP’s and GK’s are walking straight up to warpfire throwers and ratling guns trying to kill them only to get knocked back. Now normally i would categorize this under a “you” kinda thing but when it’s body blocking everyone else from getting a shot on the special and then the player complains about getting shot it becomes an issue. Especially with warpfire throwers who can hit through players by leaving the little puddles on the ground which can be difficult to avoid in the midst of a fight. Again normally i’d file this under a “you” problem but when i see people complain about getting shot in the back as they’re trying to engage these specials i wonder to myself, “why don’t you just let me blow it away with my handgun?” It’s much faster and safer no? Even in the heat of battle it’s quicker for me to just jump and swap to my rifle to blow away a warpfire thrower than it is for a WP or GK to break formation to try and chase a globadier or something. Especially on cata where sticking together during a large wave can be crucial (less so on legend but still pretty important).

Maybe they have a Shield trying to keep aggro and blocking so you can mark and shoot the Thrower/Ratling.


GK with shield avoids damage from those enemies and is simply waiting for some ranged person to tag the special, or eventually make it there and batter them.

I guess WP uses ult to avoid damage and close on the enemy. It’s simply a tactic to keep the special targeting the GK or WP.

And body blocking doesn’t matter. As GK, FK, WP, IB, Zealot and UC you’re used to getting javelins in the back for 40% of the run so getting shot is par for the course. If pa player is complaining about getting shot they’re idiots. Play a Frontliner you expect to get shot, although I do confess to being tilted pretty quick with double javelin WS throwing them through me into hordes for lulz.


I know what you mean, sometimes players take a gamble and lose, thinking they can rush them before they shoot and then they get stuck getting hit because they have a bad sense of timing or possibly lag from packet loss or high ping.

That said, WP with Unyielding Blessing can walk right through a swarm up to a warpfire thrower or ratling gunner and bonk them to death. GK has the passive ability Bastion of Bretonnia which allows Markus to block warpfire with a shield, and it also negates the knockback so he can advance on them while blocking, stagger, and then kill them.

The best tactic if you’re GK without a shield or WP without Unyielding Blessing is to break line of sight, hug a corner and ambush them as they round the corner.

I think the issue comes in that they’re trying to shield while also avoiding the mob, which in turn leads to them just either continuously backing up into their ranged and body blocking, which looking at a few of my runs where we just get overrun by specials there’s usually someone with a shield (not necessarily a gk or wp just someone with a shield) constantly backing up into the team while “blocking” ratling gun shots. Like yes you are technically blocking but you’re also blocking us. I think if you’re going to do the “blocking” strat you should be looking to rush the special soon afterwards, not constantly backing into your team like i see a lot of people do. If there’s a mob there trying to kill you i’d suggest just focus the mob instead of the special as the mob is most likely going to kill you faster than a ratling or warpfire will. Though when it comes to things like packrats, liches, or assassins it’s fair game and i don’t think anyone is complaining about getting shot when it comes to those.

Mark the Mob and shoot through your Shieldmate - problem solved :wink:

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