Greil Knight vs chaingun rats

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This is feedback, becuase I’m not sure how you are supposed to stop them. If you run a shield to block their damage you get pushed back. The Slayer as throwing axes and can leap, but if 2 chains spawn and your bots are down, they will wreck you. So how are you supposed to deal with this situation? Is it possible in a future update he could reflect their projectiles, have some ranged attack or hell, just make it work the same as warpfires and not get any pushback while blocking. Reflecting projectiles would be pretty sick.

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if you can’t close the gap then you need to find cover and force them to come to you


General strat is to draw the Gunner’s attention with your shield on, so that your teammates can shoot the Gunner freely. This applies not only to GK but to all the others who has brought shields. If your teammates aren’t able to cooperate with you in such situation, then like what Incandescent said above, find a cover and lure the Gunner.

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Why do you think you should be able to deal with two specials alone in a co-op game at all?

But that kinda depends on positioning - sometimes you cannot move at all, but that’s rare. In most cases you just hide behind a tree and wait for the gunners to clomp to you.


Or wait until they’re in their reloading animation to close the gap.
Granted, it is harder if there are more than one and they are out of sync, but you can still hide and wait for them to come to you.

Draw them out by using cover or wait for the reload animation to start. If neither is possible then you have already misplayed positioning wise or are overwhelmed to such a degree that gunners are just the icing.

I would like Bastion of Bretonnia to also protect against the recoil caused by the Gatlings… a character designed to fight at the front, only melee and with no bonus to the movement (such as Leap) that would need.

Grail Knight is already one of the best careers in the game, but with one weakness. He kind of needs that weakness or he’s too good.

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Honestly I don’t agree… there are carrers that do what Grail Knight does, without the tons of malus he has.

There are atleast two careers, Shade and WHC, who have as much killing power, without the castration in the range department. Ontop of that both have actual options to duck under death scythe when guts hit the ven.

Still. Iam not convinced that being able to Ignore Rattlings with a Shield adds anything worthwhile in a gameplay perspective. He doesnt need to be any better on the frontline either.
Fixing Virtue of Confidence, so it performs stable every single time and looking over some Talents in the offensive and the defensive line would benefit him alot more. Right now VoKT and Heroism are dead Talents. Joust is the only valuable one in the line, since Stoicism is plain horrible, and Discipline not worth the risk.

Shade is brokenly OP right now, and while WHC is borderline OP, he also just happens to scale really well with content. Yet GK remains one of the best careers even on Deathwish Cataclysm! He’s fine.

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