A question about the respect of Warhammer universe

I wanna give a try to modding (I wil probably fail right now, but he, not the subject here)
A friend of mine suggested a mod to replace Stormvermin sound with Hamtaro ones x)

Obviously Hamtaro for Skaven isn’t very “respectful” of the Warhammer universe
First, does this stand for Sanctionned mod, or any mod ?
Second, what is actually allowed in the “fun mod” topic : Size change (huge head, all dwarven sized, etc…), sound change (Toy sound for pistol, meme voiceline, etc…).
I guess skin change isn’t allowed if it’s from another universe, but what’s the limitation of it ?

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I don’t know if we know all those details? But we can speculate.

A big factor in considering if it could be whitelisted or not is if it affects only your experience or others. If it was just a sound replacer, only those who installed the mod would hear the sounds, so others wouldn’t even know you had it - if it actually changed head hitbox size, then everyone else who joins that game would have to have the mod, and that definitely wouldn’t become white-listed (at least, I think, especially given the silly nature of it). Changing sizes of models would definitely be something in this latter category.

I’m not sure about skin change, unless you only overwrote existing skin files (though I don’t know if they allow you to do that).

Wasn’t talking about head hitbox x) Just fun mod that change the size of the skin, to make head bigger for example

The question here isn’t about whitelist, it’s about the point where they say a mod gotta respect the universe of Warhammer. At what degree does it have to respect it ?

You can pretty much go ham on the modded realm.

So just avoid doing anything sinister, invasive, etc.

It probably wouldn’t make it to the sanctioned list for the official realm but your Hamtaro mod would be perfectly fine for the modded realm. Since it’s user content there shouldn’t be any copyright issues for FS.

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From http://www.vermintide.com/mods_guide/

AFAIK, as long as the mod is private (i.e. not in the workshop) you can do whatever, but to upload to the Steam workshop you need to accept the EULA, which among others contain the highlighted passage.

I would assume that “baby-heads” on SVs counts as “denigrating”.

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I know this line, this is why I asked, to have more precision on it about what count on Denigrating ^^

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