A potential way to improve the player experience, new players in particular

Pretty much as I said in the linked post: it would help a lot if players had access to an in-game source of information and explanation for the various mechanics at work in vermintide especially since a lot of what we engage with in the game is not explained and most players are typically forced to rely on community guides and explanations (which aren’t always correct).

Having to rely on what has effectively become a guru culture in the community to understand how a game works at a base level is something I find a lot of players have trouble with, especially the players who are fresh to the game and not hooked into the community. It would help ease a lot of confusion and that feeling of being “lost”, even for more seasoned players.

What do y’all think?


Difficult. Personally, I find it has a certain charm to find out stuff itself and don’t use build guides as there is a lot of wrong information there.

But it certainly would elevate the game and increase accessibility if there was some in-game “codex” which explains certain mechanics in an understandable way without going too deep in the subjective territory. But it probably would have to be started and made by player effort and proof-readed by FS which also add some finishing touches like animations, graphics etc.

Would also be kept update in case mechanics change.

Side idea: It would be cool if we could get a library (which has been suggested long ago) where this knowledge is readable. And the library would be empty at the beginning and with each tome new books/tips/mechanics/knowledge will be unlocked.


Lohner hands you a combat manual that is located on a bookshelf which you can read “in case you’ve forgotten how to fight”, where it goes into push-attacks existing, block being 360 degrees, etc.


Although I agree that it has its charm and very much partakes in making the game surprisingly in-depth in terms of skill progression, the “guru culture” Incan speaks of is a problem on several levels that is unfortunately not quite as openly spoken of as it should be; precisely because of its inherent nature.
It hinders new and veteran players alike and serves to create a knowledge barrier within the community that has unfortunate side effects on player interactions, be it misinformation or “toxic elitism.”

A well-curated information repository could go a long way in helping alleviate the problem, so long as it doesn’t turn into something that holds your hands. It should merely give the necessary information for you to base your decisions on - both concerning gameplay and builds -, such as how dodge windows work.

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I have been a big advocate for something like this for a while now, which i have been talking about in alot of random threads about certain events/new players objectives etc.

Make info more available, like: what does stack with what?
What stacks additivly, what multiplicativly? Make armory base game (explain things like ‘linesman and stuff’)

the keep: They can add SO much to the keep, i actually think they are missing so much of opportunity, the only thing that gets used is dummy/jumping puzzle/chest area and portal, everything else can be accessed by keybinds (i never have to visit the forge), they could better dummies aswell, which instead of telling some huge number like 25k tells something like ‘1 shot kill’ or something (to make bp’s more accessible and actually show the use of 'power vs properties) (or something else, just an idea). (ofcourse toggeable, so minmaxers still get their fun)

Adding a codex is also a very good idea. Like a big book or something (or something more lore friendly idk), where certain events are explained, or bosses are explained (a bit like in mmo’s), ofcourse don’t give strategies on how to kill a boss, just give us info and let the player decide what the best way to kill it is or do an event. (so many players don’t know convocation wizards are checkpoints, for example)

Telling players they can find books in maps. the game might tell you this, but i’m not entirly sure as early game has been a while for me. Telling players doesn’t have to remove exploration, it might just be a voiceline or something.

Revamp tutorial, this might be tricky as the tutorial isn’t really a generic tutorial, it’s more a prologue to the story. and making it more like a tutorial where alot of info pops up etc might take away from the ‘feel’ of the game.

edit: Show my total stats, which means that i can see at a glance how much crit chance or power vs i have equipped. Also add loadouts. Also show us ‘hidden crit chance’, which you can only know by looking at the source code, reddit, or forum, which shouldn’t be the case.

Edit: sorry i know this was about a codex only. i’m happy to move this if you don’t wanna derail. found my old comment Time for another Community Cataclysm Playthrough

Also great post, new player experience and making info more accessible is good to bring focus to.

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they could add another room to the keep called “Lohner’s Library” or something which contains more or less an in-game wiki for all the info that new and seasoned players should know regarding mechanics such as linesman, effective dodges, block angles etc.

whilst also containing infomation that you currently get from the Armory and Bestiary mods so players can get a more holistic understanding of the game without having to rely on google searches or the local community discord big brain player or diving into the source code on github

y’know, the stuff that isn’t readily apparent from just playing the game.

If I had a dollar for every time I had to explain what linesman is and how it works I’d be living in a waterfront home in the Bahamas

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