A Perturbatory Thought I Had

Hello Devs, I hope this suggestion is regarded in the friendly manner that it is intended as I hope to avoid any impression of “telling you how to do your jobs,” I’m sure your marketing guys have a plan. But recently, as I was catching up on Vermintide’s Lohner chronicles, it occurred to me that something in this vein would be pretty cool for the run-up to Darktide. I could well imagine Inquisitorial situation reports, or, even better, prequel-esque setting establishment. Sort of describing Atoma Prime and Hive City Tertium as they were before excrement struck the oscillator. Like an Uber Aemos-style rundown of the facts, stats, and minutiae by the resident sage of our current retinue. Alternatively, weapon briefings from the armory by the retinue’s Tech-priest would be pretty rad too (not in-game stats or anything, just the lore fluff). An allied Rogue Trader’s report on the system/sub-sector situation. The possibilities seem endless. The cool thing is it wouldn’t need video, or even stills (though a model or concept art would be cool), just a brief write-up like Lohner’s (not to trivialize it, I know it takes work).

I suppose you guys are busy with 99 other things and then some right now, but it was just a neat idea and, once thought, I had to share it.