A Khorne DLC

Due to several things I will propose a Khorne DLC for the game where we murder, we kill, so that mighty Khorne may reval in the bloodshed and gather the skulls of our foes. I know that this is not going to happen but I thought I should throw it up anyway. It exists for my and your entertainment. :wink:

The idea is that the game’s host can decide to play either a normal or a Khorne game when starting. In a Khorne game we can either play with the standard careers or try out the Khornate cultist career for the Übersreik five…or four, it doesn’t matter.

And yes I know that Khorne does not like magic so Sienna should not be capable of joining, but we’ll make an exception for her because we love her. :slight_smile:

New Careers

Bardin - Gorejoy: A merry killer-poet delighting in the crimson beauty of spilled blood, while composing his poems of slaughter to the same work.

Kruber - Butcher: What is says, an honest man doing the butcher’s work.

Sienna - Annihilator: Unleashed Sienna brings the ectasy of annihilation to the world. Some women just want to watch the world burn.

Saltzpyre - Daemonhost: Embracing the faith of his nature, Victor invites a Bloodletter to unite with him and bring Khorne’s bloody glory to the world.

Kerillian - Flayer: Cruelty beyond human comprehension. The Flayer is ready to flay her foes and dance in the ashes of destruction wearing their skins and to the song of their wordless screams.

New Weapons

Bardin: Saw-axe, Bleeder Blade
Kruber: Twin Meat Cleavers, Bardiche
Sienna: Falx, Sabre
Saltzpyre: Hellblade, Sledgehammer (pretty massive warhammer)
Kerillian: Flaying Knife and Skinner Sword, Sica daggers

New Quests - Skull Harvest and Headhunt

Skull Harvest - This is that there’s a quest that calls for a certain number of enemies to be killed by headshots, so that their skulls may de gathered for the Skull Throne. These can be like 100 Specials, 1000 enemies of any kind, and so on.

Headhunt - This is a bit different in that you can manually aligned how hard the quest will be but its only open for one game at a time. So the criteria must be met in a single game. That is that you first select how many kills you will do in the game, and perhaps also specifics of it, and then how much time the group has to meet the requirements. The more kills and the less time, naturally the more rewards afterwards.

New Challenges

What it says, Khornate influenced challenges sent by Okri once he knows that Bardin and his friends are also initiated into the Blood God’s flock.

New addition to the keep - Shrine of Khorne

If having played a Khorne game then the keep becomes like it was during the Khorne event until after a new normal game has been played. But there’s a new addition in the form of a Shrine of Khorne. In this place the stone walls are splattered with blood, tools of war are lined against the walls and there’s a shrine surrounded by a mound of skulls. Here the player can see statistics for the service to Khorne (like total kills, heads taken, games played and so on). And perhaps also trophies for legendary achivements done in Khorne’s name?

New crafting option - Daemon Weapons

The characters can get holdof Daemon Dust from doing Khornate achivements, Headhunts and Skull Harvests. And this dust can be used to upgrade weapons into Daemon Weapons so that they both become more powerful, potentially with either additional property and traits or just more powerful properties and traits, but in exchange the weapon also gets a flaw.

Like melee friendly fire for that weapon, that the weapons constantly eats away at the character’s hit points or make attacks on the character if outside of combat for even a medium ammount of time.

PS: I realized that these suggested flaws are pretty strong but it was more of a conceptual idea for what kind of stuff there would be as opposed to finalized versions.

New Looks

Can’t go around looking like anything but followers of the Blood God now.

Bardin - Probably going the new Chaos Dwarf style (so forget about big hats…)

Kruber - More like a Chaos Warrior in armour style

Sienna - Unsure since the Unchained Career already has that brilliant “destroyer of worlds” look to her.

Saltzpyre - A warped figure half-way between man and daemon, half-way between Victor and a Bloodletter. Should really talk in a very different voice as well, far more so than the other characters.

Kerillian - Black and red armour with pink “clothing”. Essentially a House Bolton catwalk.


Fresh meat!!! :meat_on_bone:

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