A future class idea?

first of all I am aware that there is more important today than proposing or talking about this, but I prefer to do it and tell myself that it is done rather than forgetting it in the distance and not contributed to the eventual evolution of all this in the name of the emperor.

As we could see today and this weekend thanks to the beta, 4 classes are present and Fatshark should add 4 per year if all goes well.

First of all I would like to point out that currently the fanatic’s special attack is not the most advantageous, unlike the guardsman who has the chance of an improvement in rate of fire and precision, of the psyker who reverses it is targeted and has long-range psychic attacks, and the ogrins that knock down is enemy almost like the fanatic I would imagine many classes with devastating assets or damage as a really unique and effective weapon or attack.

1 : The Commissioner

Although he is not condemned, if you are used to the imperial guard and warhammer 40k you know very well that these men are cruelly effective in maintaining order within the battlefield and thus limiting retreat unwanted by radical execution and which increases the morale of the troops.

I would have imagined a unique class that is not a convict whose mission is to boost the morale of the squad, capable of executing a target for a temporary bonus or inflicting damage on its teammate in exchange of boost for praised the emperor.

It could also be a class that possesses unique weapons, capable of combined pistol or boletus pistol as well as a melee weapon simultaneously.

Much like the Witch Hunter and are Sword + Pistol in Vermitide II.


2 : Space Marine in Death Oath

Death Oath
Some space marines also commit offenses, rather than wasting the emperor’s resources, they can be sent to prove their loyalty or die with dignity as the traitors they were in betraying the codex.

The possibility of playing a tiny space marine or a scout in order not to make it abusive, would be incredible. Quit has imposed a simultaneous limit in a game prohibiting to find more than one similar class of this one so as not to be too powerful or to impose a harder difficulty to start there.

There remains a genetically and physically modified man, who would have betrayed the codex.

3 : heavy weapon team

Imagined to be a soldier of a heavy weapon team of the imperial guard, condemned for some reason you are now in the service of the emperor against your will, Unlike other classes you do not have a body weapon. heavy body, only a small knife, or a light weapon to repel 4-5 enemy, and a classic ranged weapon, with the only difference where you can as a special attack, quickly deploy a heavy weapon bolt turret or laser cannon.


4 : convicted sergeant

Playing a condemned sergeant, although he is effective and essential to team management, he can very well make mistakes…

Imagine being able to deploy a tarantula turret on a very rare occasion after fulfilling specific conditions as a special attack? A certain number of enemies killed or damage inflicted, for example.

Mainly equipped with pistol and chain sword, he would be a formidable force in team boost and body to body?


**5 : priest **

Ministorum Priest

Like our dear psyker, the priest would above all have an advantage and a support tactic, and a slight healing boost giving temporary life or a protection bubble, he has countless unique weapons and would allow the implementation of additional weapons. in games and combat tactics.

6 : Kasrkin

.lexicanum Kasrkin

Former member of the elite, he could even be a subclass of the veteran, focused on less precise aiming but a rapid damage boost, he would be one of the rare classes to have weapons capable of pounding the enemy, in on the other hand, the majority of this weapon would be affected by overheating that only its special attack could cool in the event of mismanagement of it, also giving a temporary boost preventing it from overheating for a certain time for example, and thus bringing to light fast weapons.


Here, I think I’ve emptied my bag of ideas, although this is mostly ideas from the depths, I hope it could also arouse the curiosity of many of you, or even fatshark !

Thank you to those who will answer, give their opinions or who will share their ideas of class, I think this is the ideal place since I haven’t seen any other salon dedicated to this.

For the EMPEROR !


I’d rather see a Tempestus Scion (Stormtrooper) instead of a “kasrkin” if you pick ranger veteran with cadia background you are essentially one.

I would like to see a Commissar aswell , Fatshark could combine Saltzpyres Witch hunter special buff with his mercenary shot as commissar abillity so the class would be able to Nuke 1 enemy and buff his team mates.

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Yes a Tempestus Scion would be very nice but I don’t know if he would be considered doomed or an official member of the imperium, this is tricky, but it’s true that a veteran, remains a veteran probably with being kasrkin

And for the commissioner that would be a great possibility indeed.
Although it is normally accessed mainly on marking and ordering in runaway ranks.

there are commissars in penal legions that oversee frontline action so it wouldn’t be too far fetched to have one oversee the squad

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Really interesting, thank you for your attention to my post anyway

I would die for a playable Sister Repentia. As per their lore she would for all intent and purpose be a human female (no males in the Sororitas) without any armor, little clothing and a huge 2-handed Eviscerator Chainsword. She would be a Zealot’s Zealot, operating almost exclusively on faith and melee attacks. Art design wise there would be plenty to work with from her penitent hood styles to the litanies and purity seals that would cover her body. Even the open sockets where her power armor would have been if she was still a Sister of Battle.

My second choice would be an Arco-Flagellant. They could appear jittery, idling nervously and Frankenstein’d together from rejects who failed their objectives. Why waste resources after all? They, again, would be a melee only class, dual-wielding their Electro-flails or other cybernetic saws. Their special would be turning on their berserker stims to give them increased movement and attack speed for a short time. And for obvious reasons none of the other characters would like them.


I don’t know if involving sororitas in her kind of “prison” is specific to her, knowing that she works mostly surrounded by women, I wouldn’t be surprised that she has their own system of redemption for traitors or evildoers like the space marines with the “death oth” of which I speak above.

But I admit that the pleasure of playing with a two-handed and once unshakable sword would be interesting

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Here we are, the classes are more or less distinct with slight similarities that certain designates as obvious, but what about the 5th class which will be added to it’s 4 before seeing subclasses there?

According to the logic, the little one created 5 characters as we had seen them in the very first trailer of the game.

But who will add to all this? And will future classes be sub-classes or full-fledged characters?

A combat medic or some kind of scrappy rogue character that can throw knives would be cool.