Advanced Class ideas/suggestions

Hello. I know it is too early to handle this game wise but I feel like the discussion should start. To start it off, I am going to give a brief summary of my thoughts/feedback on the current classes

Ogryn - Perfectly good tank. Unfortunately too few opt to use the shield (for whatever reason). People choosing to not use it is the only thing wrong with it

Zealot - Argueably the best designed class in the game. It handles crowd control and face tanking quite well in the absence of an Ogryn

Psycher - Fire staff appears to be quite weak. Lightning does better. That is just my observation being grouped with them enough times. Perhaps that can be looked in to?

Sharpshooter - In my opinion the worse designed class. I came from Vermintide 2 to Darktide. Classes were so well designed in Vermintide 2, that even the “starter classes” could be used at the highest difficulty. Then I came in to this and idk what happened. I was expecting better from Fatshark

The main issues that plagues this class is the overall design, and greedy team mates taking all the ammo

With that given I will now focus on the Advanced classes. I feel like the Advanced Classes could be a way to address these flaws or add new gameplay. To do that let me give some Warhammer lore notes. Please keep in mind I am a warhammer lore noob

-I was reading that the Deathcorps did at one point have their Las Guns attached to a power unit on their back. It would appear at some point in time, regiments did the exact same thing with the Plasma Gun

-Apparently there is Medics in the Space Marine chapters that assist the Apothecaries with creating or refilling their devices

-There is a military group called Tempestus Scions. They use a Las Gun and Pistol that is more powerful than normal. The las gun type is called “Hot Shot” and the Pistol is called “Hellpistol”. Grenadier specialists can be found with Krak Grenades… A shaped explosive. They aren’t the only regiment to use these grenades though

With the notes given I will start with the Sharpshooter as I feel like it needs the most love right now. Two advanced classes I can think of based on Warhammer Lore:

“Anti Tank” - Focuses on using the Plasma Gun and Krak Grenades. Targets of priority are monstrosities, or armored. Unlimited Plasma ammo, reduced heat build up and faster cool down. Essentially making it like the Bardin Engineer but more generous given that this game has more gun play

“Tempestus Scion” - Focuses on mobility, the use of the Hot Shot Las Gun and Hellpistol. The suppressive fire mechanic and how accurate the enemies are in the current state is oppressive. It would be nice to have a high mobility class immune to this, and is capable of rushing snipers safely. Lets be real… It is hard to counter a sniper at a long range due to the “flinch” and sometimes fog. Having the ability to go after them head on would help

Also carrying a pistol and a rifle at the same time would help with not just ammo but adjusting to different types of combat

Now for Zealot

“Medic” - Capable of healing team mates and doing damage up close. I was thinking that due to the wound mechanic, that it would likely be balanced to have a healer in the group

“Banisher” - Focuses on using the Flame Thrower and doing lots of damage to demons/forces of chaos


“Shield Master” - I am not sure what the deal is with so many Ogryn players ignoring the shield. My best guess is it has to do with it not being fun. I came to this guess based on past experiences with games. Support classes are usually the least fun

If my guess is correct, then let us fix that. Let us make an Ogryn class that revolves around the shield. One that can use a Bolter, or melee weapon with the shield (attack while blocking). To balance it, the Ogryn would need be stationary to attack

Knowing that adding a class with gun traits would strain an already strained system, the skill could be an ammo refill box. That would ensure everyone is full of ammo whenever the skill is up

“Gun Lugger” - I didnt mention it in my notes because I was going to mention it here. I was reading that there is a specific group of Ogryn devoted to heavy weapons. If people don’t agree with putting the ammo refill skill on the above class, perhaps it can be put here

Unfortunately I don’t have enough knowledge of the Psycher to come up with ideas. I will end my post here. Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?


Ya, ammo has been a really bad problem with my groups as well and something needs to be done about it.
They need to ether make ammo more plentiful or raise your ammo counts on weapons so when you do pick it up, it will give you more.

Shield Ogryns:
I play as one of these mythical creatures and i can tell you I have a blast. I have the ability to block off whole doorways with its alt use ( makes me invulnerable from the front from most things). there is one mission in particular that only has two points of entry while you wait for the Servo Skull to finish, and if you have two Shield Ogryn you can block both. this makes it significantly easier for the other two people on your team to deal with the horde. You still have to watch out for Trappers, Hounds and Rushers, but mostly you let your team mates shoot the fish in the barrel :smiley:

Now I will say that shields function perfect in this roll but it doesn’t always feel this rewarding.
If you are using its stationary ability, it is pretty boring. you don’t really get to engage anything anymore.
You cant even look around while in this mode. you just sit there and hope your team doesn’t run out of ammo.

Also, it doesn’t feel as good to use as the Bowie Knife. the normal horde enemies sometimes take three hits to kill all by themselves and I’m pretty sure the damage goes down when cleaving… so it feels like hitting self righting bowling pins. I know you shouldn’t have it do as much damage but it just feels off. Still fun, but off.
It would be great if they added a knife jab on CD for it while alting.

This is the only reason i can think of for peoples not wanting to use it.

well yes the advance classes are a nice ideal. and i agree they need to the way your portraying some of the classes makes the simplistic the creation of a class that fits in. while yes a tempests scions. is a good class title cuae that is what they are.

There is a military group called Tempests Scions. They use a Las Gun and Pistol that is more powerful than normal. The las gun type is called “Hot Shot” and the Pistol is called “Hellpistol”.

th the Milturium tempestus scions. are trained in schola progenium which is a semi-universal standard education ran by the Adeptus Ministorum. they are in every fibre of the being is loyal to the Emperor and there Commanders. so you have to first a good reason for them to be sent to a penal legion. to get to that point you must have errored angist the Departmento Munitorum and Adeptus Administratum. but to get there you must start of with being mainly mind wiped on most Scholas’ then you must survive your basic level of education from 4-16 including interrogation, abuse of mind, body and soul, reconditioning.
“once a cadet has endured the rigours of one these training camps they will be clad in mental armour as well as psychical armour when they fight the horrors of the wider galaxy” (6th Codex Militarium tempestus)
When they survive the Difficult training enforced upon them then they will undergo trails of compliance, which could be done on the Helgiumium, Simulated or actual battles . or any other number of trails of compliances. it test them to the core. on top of the many hopes one has to jump through to get to the they must survive there battles and wars.

there roughly equilvent: Krieg Grenadiers; Kasrkin, Catachan Devil.

the next is there role in game, Veteran archetype current has Sharpshooter which focuses on mainly range warfare if you take from the liture and lore around the Scions they are focused on completing the impossible, undertaking S company duties, Recon, assassination, Hard point assault, they are master with all weapons but primarily use hotshot (Ryza pattern)-- but sniper-marksman variants have been used before: hotshot Marksman rifles and Long-las —; Non/Power weapon, so using just as mobility doesn’t make sense if you take guidance in the only war RPG and the Dark heresy books. then they are Snipers; Breaches, Infiltrators and body guard.

if you want a assault sub-class i would point to Brawler or Demolitionist from only war, which would be more effective.

so what would Fat-shark do for abilities and ultimate. i don’t know but i do know i would want something that reflects the training skill and dedication of the Scion and equivalent.

the Rattling would be a fun experimental class they could develop. since Fatshark has added a level of Verticality to the game. maybe a rattling with a grappling hook rather then grenade. so you can exploit the advantage the level design has allowed.

I love the idea of the high-mobility, mid-ranged variant for Sharpshooter (even if you somehow mispelled ‘Kasrkin’ as ‘Tempestus Scion’. :wink:

there not the same.

Would love to see some sort of tech class, Tech-priest maybe, its ability could be put down a smaller tarantula turret, depending on the feats used, could change from a Flame, Las or bolter style turret.

Hello and thank you for all of the replies! I apologize for noticing everything late. I was in the beta testing things out. I did not see my notifications. I also needed time to read. As mentioned I am a Warhammer Lore noob. I will start with the bottom then go up

Ghostly: I would not be opposed to this. I did further reading in to Warhammer 40K and did find that some Psykers served in the Mechanicus Adeptus as Psyker-Titans. That would be too large for this game but it stands to reason that if I could find this… Perhaps someone with more time could do further digging and find other Psyker positions within the Mechanicus Adeptus

I could see it being a support class… Able to bypass the symbol mini game for objectives. Instead reducing it to a channel that can be done at a distance. That would be great

ApicetheDwarf: Thank you for that! I learned a little more Warhmmer lore from that. I can agree that the lore should line up as best as possible. Correct me if I am wrong but all 3 of the mentioned military groups are planet specific. If you are going purely for lore that doesn’t seem to line up

If Tempestus Scions don’t fit then sure Brawler. Keep the super Las Guns. I think they can serve a tactical function in the current state of the game. Late game the normal Las Guns don’t do much when compared to the Bolter. Combined with Melee, that would make a good class. Melee is where the Veteran fails at this time

I see a specific group of Brawlers called the Tallarn Desert Raiders at one point used Spears. If Brawler got a spear that would be great

To clarify… Are you saying a Rattler class for the Ogryn? If so I am not opposed to that either

DrunkenDruid: It sounds like to me my suspicions were partially correct. A good portion of it was off though. Yes so a Shield class for the Ogryn that allows it to strike/shoot while the shield is deployed would be good

I have noticed a similar problem with other melee weapons on the cleave part. The Tooth Sword or whatever takes like 8 swings on 1 enemy. It makes 0 sense to me

Some of the other posts did mention some fixes like adopting the Borderlands ammo loot system where you loot a box and it is shared with everyone. Example: If you loot a Sniper Ammo box worth 10 rounds… You and everyone else get 10 rounds. These were made after my post so I didn’t get an opportunity to include it. I approve of that fix too

Though I do think that the Veteran class and any Advanced Class should have a rifle and laser slot in addition to the melee. I think Zealot should be able to equip 2 melee weapons and 1 ranged plus grenades. Perhaps Ogryn can follow one of these?

That is all I can think of to share