Movement Speed, Resistances, and Weapons

Hello. I wanted to do a new post to try and discuss something not being talked about (as far as I can see). This will touch on but not expand upon my post regarding advanced classes. I recommend reading that if you haven’t. It can be found here

Ok I want to start with movement speed. As mentioned I think that the Zealot should have the highest base with the Veteran behind it. I am not sure how Darktide handles movement speed so I will speak in general to show where I am going with this

A lot of shooter games base the movement speed on the weapon alone. Very few base it on overall equipment weight. Some examples of equipment weight systems (in general) would include Mass Effect 3, and Tarkov. I think Mass Effect had an easier to understand, or more simplistic one (of the mentioned games). I will use that to get the point across

With Mass Effect 3, your equipment weight was determined by the class, the weapon, and what level of research the gun was. Some weapons start out heavy but once you research them to level 10 the weight goes down

I think Dartkide should of done a hybrid system in which it did have an overall equipment but keep the movement speed of the guns at the same time. Example to illustrate:

Let us say the Preacher is 5.20 meters a second movement speed base, and Sharpshooter is 5.10… Then if you equip a heavy weapon like the bolter, that would be reduced by .10

5 meters a second is the typical movement speed for modern shooting games when using an SMG. That is where the number comes from. Either way that is what I would of liked to see

Ok the last step in this movement speed business is the resistances. As mentioned, I think classes should have certain resistances specific to their design. Suppression/Stun being one of the many resistances I am referring to. Classes like the Veteran don’t care about suppression reducing the movement speed because of it using distance to its advantge. That is the logic I would like to see applied on this front

And last on my list is the weapons themselves. Given that I have mentioned weapon weight I would like to finish my post by talking about the weapons need to fit the class. I will use the Preacher as an example for this one

Preacher does have that adding stagger talent right below Blood Letting (I forget the name at the time of this post). It is clear that it is like the first Kruber class from VT 2 in that it can be great for clearing hordes on its own. The problem is that it doesnt have a cleave weapon with armour penetration (keyword), and can respond quickly. Hammer strong strikes takes too long to get going. Any weapon like Power Sword would take too long to get the electric charge going

Because it doesn’t have that, it makes it more difficult to clear hordes for the team because the cleave weapons you have access to will get stuck on armoured enemies (pending where it hits)

Whichever weapon fills this void would need to be one that doesn’t reduce the movement speed much due to this being a “blitz” class. And I think it needs to be crowd control, armour penetration keyword

That is all I have. I am hoping that the Devs improve this game. It has a lot of potential but between the enemy design, constant crashes or disconnects… I am worried too many people will skip this game. It just isn’t VT 2 quality

I kinda dont see the benefit of movement speed in this game. Enemy attacks are so floaty and have lock on, that it will basically always hit you if you dont dodge…but then they basically removed dodge so they always hit you unless you hit them honestly. In this game you can’t even outrun enemies so I dont really see a change.

This is one thing I was trying to address with my suggestion and feedback up there. For this particular part you are mentioning… I was saying change resistances based on the class AND handle the movement speed differently. Perhaps I didn’t explain it well enough so let me give some examples

Ogryn Skull Breaker - Immune to stagger/stun, and knock back. Worse base movement speed of the game

Zealot Preacher - 90% stagger/stun resistance, and immune to knock back. Highest base movement speed of the game. This means that the Zealot can still be stunned or staggered but at a massively reduced effect. Combined with immune to knock back, a Zealot can charge Reapers and Gunners without an issue (or retreat)

Hopefully that cleared things up

Preacher’s anti-stagger perk should be global, not just against melee.

The ranged spam combined with AI shooting through hordes of itself and perma-rooting/stunlocking makes going for melee completely pointless. On diff 5 if you’re not sniping you’re pinned in place the moment you leave cover. Can’t move, can’t attack.

I highly suggest devs try playing diff 4/5 using melee.

From how they balance the game I feel like they play 4 vets with boltguns and go damn this game balance is fine. Lets yeet melee since it doesnt seem to be needed.

Agreed. This is one of many things I was trying to suggest with this post and my prior posts. I am saying for the resistances and movement speed to be the base of the class. I will give another example to illustrate this further

In the post I linked… It was suggested that the Brawler be one of the Veteran advanced classes. A soldier capable of both melee and ranged combat. Let me show the resistance differences

Sharpshooter - Immune to knock back and flinch, 50% stun/stagger resistance. Flinch is the mechanic in modern shooters related to how bad your accuracy is with a gun when under fire. Sharpshooter should have an easy time staying sighted regardless of situation

Brawler - Immune to knock back and Flinch, 80% stun/stagger resistance. Brawler gains a bit more resistance to it due to the melee nature of it. Given that it is a hybrid class, I do not think it would be fair to raise the resistances above a dedicated melee class like the Zealot Preacher

All of this will be included as part of the class base… Not a talent, blitz or anything. It just exists in the background

There is one other thing I can bring up to help survivability. I didn’t include it in this post because I replied in another post but given that I am trying to suggest a fix to a problem… I have no issue bringing it up again

I was saying to make the Toughness Regeneration a base thing. Make any talents for Toughness regeneration a bonus. I used the Veteran as an example

It has 200 Toughness base. If my memory is correct I said if you did the math, its 8% toughness regeneration when 8 meters away would make it possible to regenerate the full amount in 12.5 seconds. That is too long. The base regeneration should be 8. That would bring the total time down to 8.3 seconds

A similar logic/math should be applied to all classes. That way if say Zealot is forced to use ranged to survive or create an opening, then it can do so but not as effectively as the Sharpshooter

I saw that 2nd reply while typing this up. Agreed. I do not know what happened to the Devs between VT 2 and Darktide but they are definately slipping in some areas