A few simple suggestions for improvements

Hi all.

Loving that VTII is out and enjoying the game overall. Good to be purging chaos filth again with team mates. Love the new areas and settings, glad they’ve added extra class options and am enjoying the experience overall. There’s a couple of things nagged me a bit, but should be simple to fix:

  1. Being able to skip/speed up the rewards section. Frustrating to be forced to sit and wait for all the totals to add up.

  2. Replace the “Damage taken total” with the amount of “DMG blocked” or even just add a total for damage blocked; Have the game show some gratitude for those who tank effectively :slight_smile: and it will encourage them to do better.

  3. Being able to upgrade items that are equipped while at home. Royal pain having to unequip, upgrade then reequip. Just slows things down.

  4. Being able to swap tomes/potions with another char if needed