Easy improvements (QoL stuff)

Being new to Vermentide this is my thoughts:

  1. make it possible to skip the whole chest upgrade thing after game. PLEASE.

  2. implement numbers, or percentages. for me, seeing any talent or alike where the hp is modified in a number is meaningless. i have no idea how much hp i have, hence i do not know if 20 hp is a lot. (it is if the total is 25 hp , not so much if the total is 1000 hp). i know its me being a noob, and i can do some testing to find it out, but its an easy fix and new players shouldnt be required to do testing imo. or make everything %-based, so the numbers dont really matter.

  3. make a scoreboard ingame, just like the one at the end of the game where u can see dmg dealt, dmg taken, etc. but just live, and ingame.

  4. make a Mythic+ score (from WoW) similar system, to make sure people will keep playing. for some people, grinding is just fine as long as u can beat others while doing it or show off a cool rank. this (proably simple) thing would give alot of replayability in the game without making anything actually new. (im getting a m+ish feeling from the heroic deeds, so we are already nearly there i guess)