A Desert DLC with Bone and sand that goes everywhere

Lohner: Olesya felt a disturbance in the south, the south south, Skaven marauder have been noticed in the ruin near some ancient Tomb of the Nekehara, most non living have been destroyed and their artefact have been stolen by the living, find what they want and bring it back here

2 or 3 mission:

Excavation project of the destroyed Tomb King city

Mix between that and the excavation camp for the Mummy movie
We need to beat the Skaven/Rotblood and the Beast men toward:

  • Supply of Warp Stone
  • Nehekharan Artefact
  • Map

Inside a Nehekharan Pyramid (with a little ref to “The Mummy”1999) we would have to find our way toward our target, going firstly into the lower level, having the target get out of our hand (Or not finding it) then fight up the stair and get out on top of the Pyramid (with the way point just next to it)

The second mission on the search of our target would be entering inside an Arabyan city which has been invaded by the Chaos force (not destroyed like the Empire in ruin mission) around the port where the Rotblood boat would still be
In this mission we would try to find who has took our target before us or the Skaven and find where they hid it, We would fight from the Docks towards a Palace trough the bazar and beautiful garden

The 3rd mission would be us finding the artefact or using the Map to find it

We arrive in an Oasis and have to find the trace of a previous Caravan where the Tomb Raider would be part of,but inside the trace of the Caravan we see Rotblood/Skaven footstep.
image image

Trying to catch the Caravan we would find it destroyed and we would have to kill the remaining enemy force to get the artefact and then leave

With this DLC we would get a new set of Hats based around the Desert, Araby, Nehekharan/Tomb King and 4 new weapons centred around them:

Saltz: Scimitar and Tulwars (Sword and Dagger)

Kerrilian: Heavy Bow/War Bow
Sienna: Suns Staff: Staff based on an AoE that start weak and become more damaging after some time (Like a Sun Stroke)

Kruber: Khopesh

You may have noticed that Bardin did not get a new weapon, that is because this DLC introduce his new Career: Thane

As the last descendant of his Clan and Thane (Dwarf Patriarch) Bardin need to avenge the ancestral shame of his Clan and right a Grudge, taking the mantle of the last Patriarch of Karak Zorn and return the Armour of someone of his family (Previous Thane) whose armour he found in the Nehekharan City dead under mysterious circumstances

Career Skill:

Ancestral Grudge : The soul of the elder soul imprint on Bardin’s armour stagger/slow the enemy around Bardin

Passive Skill:

Thane’s Charge : A Thane has to protect his clan and their guest over any enemy that can harm them: Push power is augmented (aura)

Master Crafted Armour : Flat Damage reduction (aura) or Enemy can stagger after hitting a character

Lost Hold : Karak Zorn will not find itself, Bardin become more reckless in his quest, attack speed augmentation depending on the number of enemies slain in the last few second

New Weapon:

Like the weapon introduced in the Grail Knight DLC we would have 2 new weapon that exist in the game but with different use:

1h Axe and 1h Axe/shield : Heavier attack and with longer swing

2h Axe : Lighter/faster than the current 2h Axe with less weight

Or Bardin could get a new slot (way too much work) that would act as Rune)

In the End
I hate sand it’s rough and coarse and it gets everywhere but Araby would be a nice place to visit and fight in

I’ll try to make a post about each great Faction (with a historic theme and an Ingame reason)


The only part i agree would be a desert map, yes.
just so the ost guy gets to make something like this

Can you top it?


I would kill, or pay unreasonable amounts of money for any kind of middle eastern stuff in the game. Also two handed curved sword with unique moveset or at least flashy attack animations. The closest thing we have is that one (1) skin for kerri’s two handed sword.
Edit: apaprrently there is a second skin in the game for kerri’s two handed sword. The one i was reffering to is called ‘predator’s draich’; but apparrently there is a second one called ‘severance’. I have literally never seen this in the game at all. No one has ever had it and i’ve never gotten it from a loot box. What terrible luck…

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