A concept of a premium Sienna

I. Introduction

Hi all! I’m not sure if I’m posting this message in the right place and time, but I would like to share some ideas about how a premium Sienna class may be. So far, I have played 100 hours in TWV2, and the Witch is my favorite class. We have already met the Grail Knight and Sister of the Torn (forgive me, I forget premium Bardin’s name), but still, it remains Sienna. Let’s dream here about how it may look. Thank you, and have a pleasant reading!

II. Name

For my inspirations, I have used: Norse mythology (especially the god Víðarr), all that we know about devils and Satan, Surtur (hello Marvel), and Warlock (from Dota 2).


Bölvuðum (a “curse” on old Scandinavian)

  • a witch that made an inhumane deal with the Dark Gods (or maybe all of them) and became cursed

We don’t know what deal did Sienna made. She says she doesn’t know either. Who knows, perhaps one day the devils will take back what theirs.

Bölvuðum has a new magic staff ( The Magic Amulet ) and an additional melee weapon ( The Incarnate Sword ).

III. The Incarnate Sword

The Incarnate Sword - is a heavy melee weapon, a sword consisting of two but forged as one. It is one of the three Great Gifts that Sienna gained from the deal. The old and powerful force of Infinite Fire and Infinite Explosions locked inside the sword. No one is strong enough to use both powers simultaneously, but Sienna achieved to focus on one force. You may use the Power of Infinite Fire or Infinite Explosions to empower your attacks.

(smth like these)
The Infinite Fire will ignite your enemies and make deep cuts, helping you exsanguinate opponents. The Infinite Explosions will push away from you any monsters and them causing a set of small explosions.

IV. The Magic Amulet

The Magic Amulet - is a second Great Gift for Sienna. Unfortunately, it can’t be used directly to attack enemies, as it contains too much-uncontrolled energy, but it may increase your magic powers. While you hold the Amulet in your hand, you may attack enemies by staring at them. There are two ways you may use the Amulet. You may either deal much damage on a single target, or less powerful attacks but on waves of enemies.

The power of Amulet is not permanent, you will be overwhelmed if used too long. If you attack a single target too long, you will get a “frenzy” and start to lose some health over time. If you attack waves of monsters too long, you will get a “rage” and will lose your speed. The scale of OP (overpower) is shown to you always. It looks like:

To slow down the OP accumulation you may either stop attacking or change your fire mode (from singe-attack to multiply targets vice versa). To do this you can click Right Mouse Button (RMB).

Single fire mode gives you the opportunity to attack only one target. You have to aim to a potential victim, choose this fire mode and look how you start to burn alive your opponent.

Multiple fire mode allows you to attack many targets in chain order. You have to aim to a first monster, choose this fire mode and then the chain will go from that first monster to the others. The length of the chain is not limited, but the distance between chained monsters shouldn’t be big.

V. The ultimate ability (ULT)

The ultimate ability of Bölvuðum may do three things:

  1. Summon the head of a devil, that will catch a monster and consume it, giving you and your team some health; (to use this ULT, you should look on an elite monster)

  2. Summon a colossal fire hand that will strike down the hordes of enemies; (to use this ULT, you should look on the ground)

  3. Cover your teammate with a fire shield, making him invulnerable for some time. (to use this ULT, you should look on the teammate)

Thank you for reading, please, let me know your personal opinions. Thank you, and see you in the comment section!

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