6 Simple Ideas that Will Help Vermintide 2

It’s very easy and right to say “we want more content”, but I know that’s a ton of work - and FS will do it, but it’ll take time. That’s fair. So in the meantime, I created a list of six ideas that should be (comparatively) easy to implement*, generally in the order of what seems easiest to hardest to implement.
I think that the majority of the community will agree with these ideas, but I wanted to put them all together so they can be discussed as a whole.

*I am not a programmer. Maybe some of these would be far harder than I expect, that’s certainly a possibility. However, I bet most aren’t.

  1. Don’t mess with the core gameplay
    The easiest one to do; nothing.
    Minor tweaks to dodge are one thing - and even that is massive in the scheme of this game. But Christ, don’t change the tight, responsive gameplay we know and love, or fundamentally change how we engage enemies. If you want to shake up how we fight, then create things like new enemies that counter our tactics, or new obstacles that we can clearly see and play around or learn to play through.

  2. Release More Cosmetics
    Look, these are equippable in modded realm without difficulty. Maybe they still need some work, but can it really be that much? Make them available in some way.

  3. Allow us to complete Okri’s Challenges Repeatedly
    Maybe it gives a bonus loot die at the end, or maybe it just gives us some kind of swag or red dust or something. It adds back in a feature that was fun! Now I don’t mean “reset our challenge progress”, don’t even track it after the first time so the completionists can relax with their full books. Just let us get credit and a bonus if we do them again (at least some of the more interesting ones).

  4. Merge Mutators
    When WoM launches, we will basically have four modes built around mutators (Deeds, Twitch, Weeklies, and Weaves), and we have very little control over any of them. The only one that makes sense to be separate is Twitch. Weeklies are random, Weaves come in a set order on specific maps, Deeds come in sets that we can’t mix or match, and Twitch is unpredictable (that one is okay, really).
    My thought is to take basically all of the mutators from those modes, and put them into a special menu we can look at when we’re creating a custom match. Let us select however many mutators we want, even if it’s ALL OF THEM. We can get correspondingly good loot, sure. You could even add in some basic new mutators that are popular ideas; ranged only, melee only, or old-school (all heroes have 100 HP, no talents, passives, or ults, but keep weapons appropriately strong and their talents active) for instance. Some could just be silly fun and not change the rewards you get.
    If this is seen as a problem for matchmaking - well, we will have three queues as-is; QP, Weeklies, and Weaves. Just give players an option (make it SPARKLE so people see it) where you can opt in or out of joining lobbies with mutators on. Say “you may get more challenging games, but with potentially higher rewards!” Make the weekly challenge be to play specific mutators, say 2-3, that can sparkle in the menu. You can decide if you want to do them separately or all in one match.

  5. Fix Crafting
    The Athanor system is the best part of Weaves - use that. Just get rid of some of the crafting screens, leave just the options to scrap, craft from scratch, upgrade to the next tier, and apply illusions. Put all the bonus stats/traits part into something like the Athanor, where each tier of item quality above white (green, blue, et cetera) have x amount of points to spend however we want. I feel like you maybe hoped that we’d try out odd combos we got as we played and come to like them - if you have an RPG system like this, people WILL try to min-max, or they’ll ignore it entirely, especially with the costs associated. If we can easily and freely change stats, then we will be more likely to try new things. Just letting us pick the exact stats we want, in the exact forms we want will be such a huge QoL change.
    This would also allow for easily adding new tiers; a new “purple” tier could just have more essence to spend, so you could get extra stats or even another trait!

  6. Remove the Power Grind
    Just remove it. Kill it. If I could wave a magic wand and 100% remove the power system, I would. It seems to exist solely to have a bullet point on the box, and because idiot reviewers complained about a lack of “progression” in VT1. Give us levels with talents tied to them, sure. Give us weapon tiers, yes. Get rid of power and never bring it back. Tie it all to the weapons if you must - give each tier a flat rating that defines their damage and stagger and cleave.
    At this point, the reviews are past, and the power grind is nothing but a pain for people trying to get their friends to join in late. It is no longer working at any of the roles it seems intended to do, it simply makes things a pain. I would bet dollars to donuts that the same reviewers who whined that VT1 didn’t have “progression” would then claim “Vermintide 2 has finally fixed its power system!”

Bonus Point:
skink plz

Thoughts? Am I a genius? AN UTTER FOOL? Please give your thoughts! Is there anything I missed that is really obvious and really simple and seems to have very broad appeal?


You might as well spend ten minutes talking to a fence post. Most of the things you describe have been suggested since Vicky Saltz had 2 eyes.

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Yeah, they’ve all been suggested, but I hoped to create a singular list that people would all agree to, rather than a hundred scattered topics.


I do like this idea, but I worry this might have a negative impact on QP (depending on which challenges are repeatable). If they actually provide something useful they may become “mandatory” in the same way as grims and tomes are. Someone accidentally failing a challenge would without a doubt result in a swift votekick or ragequitting hosts. And of course we would have people intentionally failing challenges because “it’s just a prank bruh, huehuehue”.

I don’t think the odds of challenges becoming “mandatory” are very high though, but it’s probably good to keep in mind when/if this becomes a thing.


totaly agree

A fair point, but it seems like the easiest way to add more stuff to do.

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So, basically, “Not WoM.”

Can’t argue with that.

All the bonus points from me. That skink boy really grows on me, tbh. Everytime he gets mentioned (and thats about 90% by you :wink: ) i want him more than before. Can’t help it.

To get back to topic: it’s cosmetics for me, your no. 2. I would really like a different armour set, not a recolour, for all the careers. even if it then gets more recolours.


If the reward is low enough (1 loot die) it shouldn’t be a problem.

I agree with everything although I’d make minor alterations. I agree with mutator rework and crafting rework in particular.
The one thing I really don’t agree with is the first point. Not all changes to game mechanics are going to be good and especially not at first glance, but in order to make the game feel alive and somewhat renewed we (read: I) need some changes to game mechanics. I think that the betas are always the most refreshing, not because I agree with everything, but because I get a new experience of a game I really enjoy - and it’s also encouraging, in itself, of trying out new weapons and builds.

I for one am somewhat happy with the stagger mechanic, at least in principle. The main thing will probably be balancing stagger heavy vs single target killer weapons, which we’ll see how it’s done when it’s released I guess. But it brings something fresh to the game.

As for Power grind, I feel like it’s working something akin to tutorial, since you have to progress through the difficulties. But yeah, it’s still flawed in the fact that it affects pretty much everything in combat so you have to re-learn dmg, cleave (and potentially stagger?).

But on the whole I kinda agree with you.
I would love to see something similar to Athanor crafting system put into the base game.

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