50 scraps to upgrade to exotic is way too much for the rate in which you earn scraps

This change seems ridiculous, maybe 20 to upgrade was a bit too easy for everyone to acquire to exotic but that’s a huge jump from 20 to 50 in a single patch. I don’t have a problem with exotic being difficult to obtain but maybe make it so that we earn more scraps after savaging exotic items to compensate for this huge price increase for upgrading?
P/s: I realize it was supposedly a bug, but the point still stands. 50 to upgrade from blue to orange and then only gain 4 from salvaging said item seems really punishing. V1 had a decent loot progress and you definitely didn’t have to grind this much just to make orange equipments.

In V1 it cost you 300 blue hematite to craft a blue into an orange , 50 scraps is a fair asking price

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50 scrap really is nothing. Even if i frequently upgrade my gear i got around 300 spare scrap.

In VT1 combining 5 blues also gave you an orange. Scrapping 5 blue items yielded less than 300 hematite (about 100 IIRC), so the 300 blue hematite cost is the absolute worst case scenario.

Combining 5 blue gave you the same weapon type if it was 5 blue of the same type only. 300 hematite was indeed if you had one blue you wanted to upgrade, and in that way 50 scraps seems reasonnable.

Just don’t upgrade until you reach nearly 300 power (what I do). You don’t need an exotic sooner because you’ll likely get a stronger weapon in 3 maps.

Combining 5 blue gave you a random type among the ones inserted, yes. Putting in 2 of the same type reduced the price considerably from just one (more than the ore gotten from the additional weapon). I don’t think the two systems are comparable at least in the sense to somehow conclude that based on the comparison 50 scraps is “reasonable”. Two unreasonable systems can exist even if one is much worse than the other. It’s subjective, of course.

PS: I don’t have an opinion whether 50 is reasonable or not. Just that the logic comparing to VT1’s system is not there.

Clearly you did not play V1 much :smiley: It was horrible, grind after grind. Here you just update too often, before you get the 300 lvl items, so now you are out of scraps, and traits are not needed before legend. (only on few weapons, but usually u do not update weapon more often then 80 power difference.

Well optimally after your first game in Cata you would most likely have an orange. This can happen after 20 mins of installing the game. This orange did the maximum amount of damage possible. It can be seen that acquiring “end game” weapons is potentially much faster in VT1 than in the sequel, where there are artificial grind walls (eg. item power level) stopping you from even being able to get the item.

Would you be able to play cata right out of the bat in the 1st game? Probably not if you hadn’t played it before at a “friend’s house” for example. Would some players be able to get oranges in their first game of VT2 if the system was identical to VT1? Absolutely, because skill translates exceptionally well between the games.

Was VT1’s loot system stupid? Yes on some fronts. Does VT2 do some things worse and make them more grindy? I think in my opinion and based on the previous comparison: yes.

It didn’t work for me like that. I had no ‘friends’ playing this game before, as a new player I needed to play a lot before I got the items I wanted. Much more than V2. I do not count red items, as in V1 it was total RNG on very very low chance to achieve.

Yeah. Reds in VT1 are a completely different beast and if you want to get them all the grind is stupifying, agreed. Most of them are more like collectibles than actually useful items, though. I can see that the system in VT2 might be faster than VT1 for some portion of player base, but I still hold that it’s more grindy for some other portion, because there is no “shortcut” in the system: Pretty much everyone needs to put in the same amount of work to be eligible for 300 power items.

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