4k and ui scaling (and maybe sli?)

What i would love to see being fixed is ui scaling for 4k resolution. I don’t know how many percentage have move to 4k yet, but the number is high and ever increasing… but it can’t really be used. the ui is way too small… this can be fixed manually by changing values in files (not for everyone), but if you then set ui scale to more than 120 (150-200 would be optimal), chat is outside of screen.

I post this in feedback, but really it should have been posted in bugs.

also, there are still a few of us left with sli setups (never again). Now there is a workaround to make it work, but this should have been a default, as the fix is quite simple)

Is it actually running smoothly in 4k for you? Both this and V1 have massive performance tanks at anything above 1080p/1440p for me and I can run everything else at 4k or higher with max settings w/o issue. I assumed it was a flaw in the vermintide engine.

Also, extreme settings and AA in both V1 and V2 at 1080p look a lot better than other games do at 1070p to the point I stopped worrying about it altogether.

Anything about 1440p for my 4k and it becomes a bit of a slideshow unless I turn settings to minimum and don’t mind getting pummeled by a rat every now and then when my screen fills up.

I have it on 1080p with max settings and it looks just fine.

Got it to run smooth when i got sli enabled, after i turned off screen space reflection, and turned down volumetric fog.
970 sli

Like, smooth during a dense horde smooth? Or just normal? I was tweaking it but ran out of patience. 3x 980Ti here

I havent really displayed fps while playing, but for me it seems to be up against 60 fps at all times. i will check further later today.

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Cool thanks. If it’s stable I might give it a try again, if I can stomach the UI.

I can add it works fine for me in 4k with a GTX 970 and WQHD (1440p) with a 1050Ti, both capped at 60 FPS.

I found that 4k kinda hurt my eyes. I run it at 1080p upscaled in a borderless window. This only either works on DX11 or DX12 depending on, apparently, the whim of the Gods.


I just did a test-run. Yes, stable at 60… more or less. fine during horde, down to 48 when biletroll were spewing for some reason.
UI is… readable at 120 scale on 4k… but still too small, and you have to edit it in files, as the reason why i made this post to start with. More than that and chat moves out of window… allthough i have read that some people don’t have that problems for some unknown reason.
3x980Ti you should be good… as i “only” have 2x970 :stuck_out_tongue:

The drop during troll surprises me. Overall, do you notice an objective improvement over 1080p (w everything on extreme and TAA) vs w/e you had to do to the settings to get 4k horde-stable? I didn’t spend much time on it but I always found the TAA in this game to be pretty phenomenal, and most games make me wanna die in 1080p.

well, not a huge difference, as it was nice already, but there always is a noticeable difference between HD and 4K, and as i didn’t had to adjust much, only those few things i mentioned earlier, that is absolutely worth it in my opinion. the only downside is the problematic ui-scale, so if devs can fix that, it’s all golden.

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For anyone who are curious about how it looks 4k with UIscale 120

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Adding the Witcher 3 sli bits via nvinspector was causing random crashes for me as of patch 1.0.6(.2?),whatever the last patch was before 1.0.7 and
So I reverted back to stock profile. Have not tried it again as of most recent patch.
Also the witcher 3 bits are by no means perfect. Gpu’s never got the full or even close to full utilization. Generally I would get 50-60% utilization per gpu which meant only 10 to 20 more fps.
Already had stable 60 with single card.
980ti x2 sli(under water, pretty heavy OC at 1500/8000).
3440x1440 g sync 95hz refresh.

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Only tried it since, and no problem here, with 100% utilization on both cards. But as you say, these results may vary from person to person, hence they should make it default available without having to use nvinspector.