4.6 UI feedback

Creating a thread to discuss the new UI implemenation

First impressions: A lot of empty space. The character preview is good, though it cuts off the legs and tall hats.

It is hard to quickly examine details of equipped gear. Only mousing over the inner icon brings up the detail pop-up.

This screen I have the most issues with. Left-click has no function, double-click or Right-click will switch items. Mousing over gear will show detail pop-up and comparison with equipped gear but the momentary delay is annoying. Use the extra space to lock in details. Moving with Arrow keys will instantly show detail, but does not show comparison. This screen should also have a way to link to the advanced detail page

Good stuff on this page, and a better way of representing gear qualities than before. Illusion unlock progress is good, would be better if locked illusions had a mouse over pop-up for the source of the unlock. This page just needs better advertisement, the little faded cog is not obvious enough.

Bug: Crafting is locked on mod client as expected, but pressing space bypasses the lock and crashes the game.

Talents page
The one page where left click does what you expect and selects the new choice. Passive area sometimes with text on careers with significant descriptions. Minor bug, right-click on a talent row with unchosen talent plays the same audio as choosing a talent, but does nothing.

Manage other heroes screen.
Firstly, The bag icon wasn’t clear that this is for managing other heroes.
This whole screen is faded out, including the character preview.
No double click to confirm choice, must select career then click confirm button.
After finishing managing equipment, The way to return to manage other careers is to click the bag again, escape closes the whole window when I would expect to go back to career select.