30% vs 40%

Handmaiden has a +40% ammo talent, Witch Hunter Captain has a +30% talent. they are even on the same spot in the talent tree. I would kindly ask to adjust either of them to the other, or make both of them 35%.
Do the right thing, he has only one eye. :confused:


While consistency is good and the Talents serve the same purpose, that’s not the only thing going on here. The context for them is completely different.

Handmaiden has no Perks or Talents to assist her in gaining extra ammo. No crit chance, no encouragement for headshots, nothing. While WHC has a heavy synergy with crits, practically being the center of his Career - obviously synergising well with Scrounger. He doesn’t need that much more ammo. The weapons are also completely different, and the 10% extra at best makes only a few ammo worth of difference. I don’t think it could hit any Scrounger breakpoint either. So I don’t think this change is necessary.

But to be completely honest, I don’t even care about it that much. I don’t use the Talent that often on HM, and even more rarely on WHC (though that’s not because of the bonus). They could be changed, and I’d take that change, but I think the change is unnecessary.

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