2H Sword is badly placed in Kerillian's hands + broken wrist

Issue Summary: 2H Sword is badly placed in Kerillian’s hands + broken wrist.

Steps to Reproduce: Hold the weapon inspection button or the block button.

Reproduction Rate: Constant (100%)




@M4X, I do not claim expertise, but that really looks like a longsword ox guard, which is a real guard used in historical martial arts. Kerillian is right-handed, and a right ox or hanging guard would have that bent wrist, crossed arms appearance. Her real mistake is keeping her hands much too close together.

There is a thread successfully derailed about this very thing just with kruber and his two handers. But to keep it short:
This is a real parry (except you would to actually need to counter and move) but an undesirable one the ideal one is with the same hand grip to the left (no crossed arms) but crossed looks cooler.

The name of that guard is ox or hanging, depending on the exact position, as stated in the post I wrote above yours. Yes, it is a real HEMA parry and is described in historical fencing manuals.

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