Bardin's finger

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It’s like this on Kruber’s Halberd, his hand gets stabbed when you inspect it with certain illusions equiped.

These kinds of issues happen a lot. Another instance is when alt-firing on the default-shaped repeater pistol.

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Is it okay if we just post all clipping issues in here, or should we make a seperate post @FatsharkJulia? I (and others) have a couple more, i to begin with have some sitting in my screenshot library already.


Yeah pop 'em in here @JayJay, as these issues are minor it would be nice if we could contain them to one post!


Alright, gonna start with Kerillian 2h sword during inspection:

Okay, got a lot of footage, this is gonna be long. I’ll continue with Kerillian and will do the other heroes too.

Thie hilts are sinking into the wrists. This is due to the breathing animation, but they are cliping without it, too. This is the same for all other illusions of S&D and D&D.

Now some video footage:

The spearhead she holds in her hands moves through the thumb during the holding animation.

The sword moves akwardly on it’s own during the going in and out of inspection.

For Kruber:

This cliping is only for the weapon illusions of the halberd called ‘Doom on a Stick’ and it’s shining variants, ‘Gilded Glory’ and ‘Battlebond’.

His thumb moves through the shaft right before it locks into the inspection view.

His thumb moves into the gun during the idle animation (it goes a little inward instead of outwards and back).

For Bardin:

The handle for this illusion, ‘Gorogaz Grund’, is just a bit to thick for Bardins hand. This is the same for all his careers.

Bardin’s hand jerks while going into and out of the inspection animation.

I didn’t found any glaring ones on Victor or Sienna (except the one mentioned below).

I did find something about all 2h weapons which block animation has movement (breathing; Kruber/Victor 2h sword is an exclusion, it has no animation during blocking).
They all seem to only be ‘connected’ to one hand, slightly moving around in the other.
Example (focus your view on the left hands):

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Sienna’s left hand.


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Flail 2nd heavy attack.

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