Clipping with specific Handgun & Crossbow illusions

I have noticed some handguns on Bardin and some crossbows on Saltzpyre clip terribly into their left hands, the hand most prominent when holding said weapons, when holding them

in Bardin’s case, ALL handgun models EXCEPT the base one(Umgak Thrund) clip into his hand to some degree, with the Ongrunaz Thrund illusion and others using the same mesh clip less(but still do), also not a glitch/bug or visual issue but most of his guns are comically large as if designed for humans rather than dwarfs, their proportions are seemingly designed for Kruber/Saltzpyre

anyways, since the forums arent letting me upload images directly heres some pictures demonstrating the issue

1st, on Bardin: Umgak Thrund(no clipping); Ongrunaz Thrund(minor but still present clipping); Warrior’s Thrund(some clipping); Beardling’s Thrund(bad clipping)

now, Saltzpyre: Patchwork Crossbow/Quarrelsome One/The Marksman(no clipping); Dunkelberg Crossbow/Adjudicator’s Crossbow/Levity/The Vanguisher(VERY bad clipping); Chamberlain’s Crossbow/Templar’s Crossbow/Faithflight(minor clipping when examining)


after a bit of searching for more examples, i found that some of Kruber’s blunderbusses are also clipping into his left hand: affects ALL blunderbusses with the shared square barrel mesh

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