[Kruber] Severe distortions/clipping/resets in third person animations

::::::::::: Grail Knight :::::::::::

Distortions and Clipping

Please take a closer look at his hip, how it distorts when attacking while strafing. Simultaneously, the skirt clips into his chainmail, causing black spots.

You cannot see this happening (or at least not as extreme) for Kruber’s other careers.

I haven’t tested the hip distortion with all weapons, but the clipping pretty much happens with everything.

::::::::::: All careers :::::::::::

Animation resets

While strafing to the right, the Greathammer and Executioner Sword animations reset somehow (can’t describe it better). Please watch the video to see how Kruber’s head instantly snaps to looking to the left:

This only happens while strafing to the right with:

Light attack combo
Heavy attack combo

[Executioner Sword]
Light attack combo

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