2910 Shilling Hats

Kruber and Sienna got both a hat each which cost 2910 coins. While someone could argue the size, style and the huge golden skull on her backside are maybe worth the money, Krubers is definitely not worth the 8+ Weeks of Shillings.

Iam okay with there being huge, shiny hats that cost a horrendous amount of coins, but please, make them worth it. Dont just use an existing hat and add a tiny golden skull to it, if it is supposed to be the most expensive hat to date.

Here they are, just incase you someone did not catch an eye on them already.


Like i see this new hats are “red rarity” I think they should cost similar to others with the same “rarity class”.

Siena’s hat is nice :slight_smile: The first of all new ones that I really like.

The funny thing is the hat that HM got is literally downgrade from her Bogenhafen hat that costs 50 shillings.

Like, really? Why would I ever want a red quality hat that costs a horrendous amount of shillings and is literally worse than a hat that costs 50?


sienna actually got 3 and saltz didnt get any :smiley:

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