The absurd price in the Lonner store cosmetics

I know that this is the end times but do we need singular helmets for one class to cost 1000+ shilling.
I spent hours grinding for the recolour skins for each of siennas classes that would be all together around 1000 shillings because the max amount of shillings that a mission would get u is 50 so its absurd that a helmet would go for 1000 or more.
Lest admit most cosmetics are just kinda lame and very hard to spot in a character during a mission so can we just have this skins cost less or make missions give more shilling; hell gimme me new mission that would give 100 or more because again this is absurd.


I am more upset about the real money cost of some cosmetics. I rather have to pay a thousand Shilling for everything than cough up several euros worth of cash for a “hatless” Undying Sienna head skin.

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