2.0.13: Game crashes on Alt+Tab

This has never happened before for this game and now happens every time the full window focus on the same monitor changes. I can switch focus to a different monitor while the game remains in fullscreen, but if it’s anything that stops the game’s fullscreen state, it just crashes instantly.

Please include the crash report produced.

This can happen even with ALL mods disabled during the intro videos, before any settings matter.

GUID: d0b87410-79b1-4989-8620-9b13b6120368
Log File:
Info Type:

This is an odd error, DXGI_ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED to be specific. Not one we’ve seen before, I don’t think.

It’s GPU/DirectX-related, so would recommend performing a clean re-installation of your GPU drivers using the instructions here.

If unsuccessful, do see if there’s any improvement after switching to DirectX 11 within the launcher’s ‘Settings’ menu.

It does indeed not crash on DX11. The question is why that is related to 2.0.13, something must have changed.

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