Game crash when full screening

I have always had full screening issues since the game came out but recently it has gotten worse. I have reinstalled the game, disabled all mods, but it still persists. It always works fine in borderless but forces to my native 4k resolution even though the setting in-game says otherwise, I can tell because the game runs like ass. It runs fine at the desired resolution in windowed mode, but when I try to full screen it, either through the in-game options or by Alt-Enter the game immediately crashes.

  • Steps to reproduce the isGUID: 875807a6-1202-4708-b8be-20bf3daf73d4
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If reporting a crash, please do so within the ‘Technical Support’ sub-category and include the crash report produced.

Same problem here. Tried updating my drivers and disabling all third party software, no luck.

Could you please see if this also occurs using DirectX 11? Your DirectX version can be switched within the launcher’s ‘Settings’ menu. This would really help us out!

Can confirm that it doesn’t happen on DX11, only DX12.

Only happens on Directx 12

Thank you both, looking in to this.

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