12 days of Christmas

I know this is going to sound silly but I really miss the 12 days of Christmas event from the original Vermintide game.

That feeling when logging in to open Christmas presents and getting fat loots.

It would be a perfect time to bring back some of the wonderful things from V1:
-Red outfits (for first 5 careers)
-Hats that haven’t made their return to V2 yet
-Unique weapon illusions (like Sienna’s skeleton staves)

Or of course, give out some items that will help new players along like one random red item or some red dust. I was very thankful in V1 when I got my awesome orange dodge trinket from the Christmas event! I felt like the last person on Earth who didn’t have it.


i like this concept.

I wasn’t around when it was on v1, but i played games with this kind of event, and its pretty nice.

Just some pointers if they decide to do this: Make every reward claimable even if missing a day, not everyone wants to be forced to log in daily to claim a reward, especially not in the holidays. Atleast thats my opinion of it.

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