1.0.7 Still no changes to loot system

:sweat_smile: - perfect representation of my feelings.

This streak has a 0,005% probability. I am 100% wrong max, which brings us to 0.01%.

Can you repeat your “success” though - that’s the main question?

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@Revy @Flinlock btw, guys, should I unhide the post, is it too off-topic now?

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Ya know … i think i feel your pain now guys xD Even tho i opt my Oranges to aid me in Legendary - when you play with friends in Leg for the first time and one of your friends his FIRST vault and gets a red, you get kinda salty about it xD


One of my friends has 3 hats already. And he only has one level 30 character yet. :smile:

People shouldn’t downvote just for disliking a topic, that’s not what it’s there for. Still, I think you’re starting to get people who don’t like you here. You make a lot of topics where you come off as dour at best, a wet blanket or whiny at worst. Now, not saying you are a whiner; just saying that people can interpret it that way, and some seemed to have done that.

I don’t think it’s a conspiracy against you or something; it’s silly to think people are organizing against you. Just some randos lashing out in as lazy and anonymous (cowardly) way they can.

More on-topic; loot system is ‘eh’. I like it better than the first game for a lot of reasons, but it certainly needs work. I wouldn’t expect a massive overhaul for a long time, personally. I just imagine they’re going to be more interested in fixing bugs, balancing characters, and adding new content - in that order. Hopefully the patch this coming week will at least lay the groundwork for making it so we don’t get as many dupe reds.


Thanks, man. Somehow, I can’t stop reading this, and I am laughing my pants off every time I do it.


i love how the topic veered off course in this thread

The loot system is still heavily based on RNG. You are lucky to get something useful for you build.

That’s cause it was flagged and hidden. Wanna guess the flagging reason?

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