Zealot Ult Only Restoring Half Toughness

No crash, but Zealot ult is only restoring about 50 toughness today. Was working fine yesterday. Could be related to taking 5% toughness restoration perk at 5. However tesing the ult multiple times, I never went to full toughness.

Hi @shadowcaster,

Could you please provide us with your console log from a relevant session that this happened in?

console-2022-11-19-17.19.13-c1714586-3435-4d20-a32a-3a83702dccdf.log (476.0 KB)

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Thank you!

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when will there be an update on this? this bug is brutal considering how much damage some stuff does. losing a lot of the zealot’s effectiveness because of this.

I see now this isn’t a bug and the text has been changed to match the 50% toughness gain. Feels real bad at least at my level, only 8 but yea. That plus the toughness talent nerfs… time to try another class.

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I was wondering about that before today’s update… i noticed it only ever restored about half… game can’t launch for me anymore after today’s patch so haven’t been able to see what nerfs have been done.

Check the detailed patch notes in the announcement section.

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ye i saw in the patch notes. I meant prior to that i figured it was something that was either bug or intentional change from the closed beta that just hadn’t been updated in the text yet. the update just confirmed one of my thoughts on the casreer skill matter. I’m not sure what is meant by the “other nerfs though” after finally getting my game working again. looks ok to me, if anything some look buffed. 75% reduction on crit vs the old 50% reduction. instead of one enemy within 4 meters to regen toughness it requires 3 enemies, but the range went up to 5 meters… so hard to call that a nerf… it’s a bit of nerf and buff at same time to that one.