Zealot Simple Ult Fix

Most of the non-bug issues people have with preacher’s ult right now are things like

  1. staggered in charge
  2. 50 toughness isnt enough
  3. charge cooldown is too long
  4. charge distance isnt enough

Simple solution to 1&2: I-Frames during the charge. No more stagger, no more toughness breaks before its over, doesnt need any wild playing around and, imo, isn’t that broken since you’re charging fast enough for you to not get hit be melee anyway.

3&4 are harder to solve. Cooldown can be reduced and distance can be increased but then you get balance issues with the talents, mainly the 2 charges talent. Replacing it with something like “kills during the end of the charge restore cooldown based on the health of the enemy” could be decent.

As it stands with the lvl30 talents, the 2 charges talent is the only one worth taking as its basically required to actually reach enemies in long corridors and have high toughness.