Zealot: Remove the martyrdom stacks cap. Lvl 25 discussion

  • Martyrdom gaining 4 Melee Damage per 20 missing HP. When Downed, Drops a Stumm Grenade. No Cap of course.

Emperor’s Executioner:

  • After stunning an enemy at close range, your next shot is a guaranteed Crit adding 1 stack of bleed. Adds One shot back into the gun for Special Enemy kill.

Rising Conviction:

  • At lvl 25 have the 4% damage perk add stacks on crits, with 5 stacks maximum. Shooting or Melee.

Honour the Martyr:

  • Replace the Martyrdom skill at 25 with a Cohesion bonus that shares 25% of your Martyrdom bonus with allies in Cohesion, 50% when you are down. For the risk of being low health, the better scaling Melee Damage only!

Level 25 will have Close Range, Crit and Melee Based Builds.

Sounds absolutely awful.
That’s just a massive nerf to evis and TH.

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Uh… any feat that rewards you being downed will completely terrible, unfortunately. The rising conviction one would make it tremendously worse even for crit-bleed.

I was thinking something more like making the 6 stack martyrdom base kit and replacing it with something interesting.