Zealot Penance Bug


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Psyker Penance ‘Up Close and Personal’ Complete a full Mission on Malice Threat or Higher without firing a shot doesn’t complete if you have a disconnect and reconnect.

Steps to Reproduce:
Tried a few times to complete this penance, but had disconnects. Never used any other weapon than melee at all times. After completion of mission the Penance didn’t unlock.


Player ID:
Steam Username: Carnster

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
04/12/2022 GMT

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%) when disconnect encountered

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Happened to me as well, I had three successful malice runs meeting the criteria but didn’t get the penance until the third because of disconnects and crashes. If I had to take a blind guess, it’s because the sharpshooter bot it replaces you with on D/C likely fires shots while you’re reconnecting, which shouldn’t count against you but does.

Just for the sake of clarification, you’re doing this on Zealot correct? It’s a Zealot penance, if you’re attempting it on Psyker it won’t count either way.

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Yes. Just realised I’d typed Psyker. Was meaning Zealot, and I agree with your conclusion also.

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I’m afraid that this is correct behaviour. For the penance to complete (as well as other penances of this nature), they require being there from beginning to end with no interruptions. This is to avoid abuse such as reconnecting (or just joining) at the end of a match for a free completion.

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If this is the case, then I fear it’s broken.
Don’t know about the Zealot Penance one, but game/player penance progression being tracked connection loss/disconnects.

On numerous occasions now, I’ve had players asking the group (chat) to wait and not finish the missions yet, at first I thought is was just for the forge map, but I’ve now had it happen on other maps as well, so that he/she could disconnect, reconnect and ‘reset’ a death, health loss or some counter along the lines, just to complete a penance.

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Thank you for mentioning it, we’ll have to look into that.