Zealot look 1st tier vs legend

For average players like me it’s not easy get a full legend and this kind of reward is simply awful.
The 1st tier looks way better than the legend one.

1st tier

There are a lot of “lame” outfit recolours like this. I was really excited to get the red armour for ironbreaker but then I saw that it was just a thin wash of colour and nothing at all like the candy apple red seen in the inventory icon. The same goes for all the other red armours in the game, mercenary and huntsman red is more of a dirty plum colour. As you’ve just demonstrated most black armours are just a tint as well, or come out grey instead of black.

I’m hoping at some point the art team will make another pass on all of the outfits and red weapon skins. Saturate the colours a bit more and darken the blacks, make each one more distinct from each other. Maybe even add a system where you can mix and match parts of different colours.

In particular you should be able to recolour a hat to make it match your armour. All of kruber’s foot knight helmets are plain metal except for the death mask and almost all of the ironbreaker helmets are black. I still use the default FK armour because it’s the only one that matches, and I don’t like the black IB armour because it recolours almost half of it to gold instead of just making the metal parts black.


I agree with everything you wrote

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