Zealot and rejuvunating locus

I was only trying to explain to you how to easily get full stacks with minimal headache with a GK/WS heal machine(s) in your group.

Don’t want to take the advice?

Okay then don’t complain why you’re over here not getting the most out of your playstyle while I’m over here enjoying these sweet stacks :wink:

Also, why TF are you eating overheads in cata? LOL dodge bro

I haven’t ever used curse resist on Zealot and it’s just fine. The whole point of his career is to be at low health. Keep 20% hp on neck (for better stack calcuations) and remove curse resist. Makes his gameplay way more enjoyable and easier to maintain.

I still am astonished after all these years that people still haven’t figured out how Zealot works. New players have an excuse.

What’s yours?

I agree, WHC is very independent and kind of like a rogue crit-based career, so the team passive buff isn’t necessary (Templar’s Knowledge could become a reduced version of Witch-Hunt at 10%) but I think it’s unlikely Fatshark will remove it.

Thread Derailment
  • Killing Shot
    I’m interested in Killing Shot being damage based instead of an insta kill, like double damage on crit headshots vs all target types. This would make WHC better vs bosses and CWs (which WHC feels pretty meh against) while still being top tier against all other elites. Most of WHC’s weapons could still 1 shot SV on light crit headshot. Funnily enough the Rapier is one of the few weapons, the others being the Greatsword and the Flail, that would require a minor investment to do this, which would balance out as its partial charged attack would still 1 shot all elites on headshot (including CWs) if tagged with Deathknell + Assassin, and it’s a super fast attack. I could just be salty that WHC is not the one that should be soloing the boss in a team but I think this would move WHC away from being the circle-chaser-elite-killer-lasat-hitter-that-makes-Shades-jelly into a more rounded dps career with a more even synergy across Saltz’ weapons.

  • Riposte
    Riposte could be 3 crits for 5 seconds after a parry. Would destroy bosses. Or be combined with Deathknell (would make Deathknell better with weapons like the Greatsword and Flail, which don’t have great headshot modifiers to begin with). A passive could work as well, but I recall from the WHC thread some players feeling that it would be forcing a playstyle on them so I’m hesitant to support a passive version again, while I don’t think anyone would object to Deathknell having Riposte as an additional affect.

  • I Shall Judge You All
    This could keep a 20% increased damage affect, but could be changed to an aura that lasts for 15s and applies the 20% effect to all enemies within a radius equivalent to Animosity’s radius.

  • Thp on crit/headshot
    Thp on crit/headshot could also be made damage based (limited to one target), which would still reward crits and headshots while also making it so that light spam isn’t always optimal for thp generation. I would not have Killing Shot/Shade’s Murderous Prowess increase the amount gained, as it would end up making their thp generation too strong unless the base return amount was so low that it became useless on other careers.

  • Assassin
    Assassin could have the bodyshot crit damage reduced to 20% from 40% to make the bodyshot breakpoints WHC and Shade have vs elites require one more property while keeping the same headshot ones.

Or you could lose health every time you use your ult ( sort of like overheat for sienna)

The zealot should only be very powerful for short bursts of time ( as intended)

The class is ridiculous the way it currently operates.

Its thp generation is FAR too high