Your RNG is whack, and now to fix it

Too many players, me included, have recieved an absurd number of red duplicates, usally a single item. In my case I have 9 red charms. Also, the trait/stat rerolling system is a joke; the fact that I have rerolled the same trait 4-5 times in a row on an item is infuriating.

Vermintide 1 had systems in place to balance the RNG; no red dupliactes, being able to re roll either value or property seperatley on items, and not being able to roll the same trait again.

I would suggest implementing these features again, in addition to a red crafting system, as a means for players to actually use all these red dupes.

Here are the things you suggest with precise numbers and explanation.

After 500hrs this is how I feel. For me Paintshop = Therapy

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