Yes / no / help / sorry callouts

Compared to Vermintide 2, the callout wheel is pretty lackluster and neccessitates more frequent use of the chat (which takes significalntly longer and takes you out of action).

The lack of “yes” / “no” can be felt the most, but “help” (which also existed in VT2) and “sorry” for courtesy would be helpful too.

I think those should be added to the game to make the communication and overall experience better when playing with strangers.

EDIT: would also be great if we could address other person on the team when pinging like in VT2, for example “characterName, use Medicae Station”


Just ‘Thank you’ is a little limiting when it comes to quick responses.


The “communication wheel” can be improved quite easily.
As an example, Insurgency Sandstorm has a similar system that’s far more responsive (no delay before displaying the wheel, it allows fast callouts).
It has 9 choices. And it’s controller-friendly as the game is on consoles.

Here’s a demonstration of the communications wheel in Insurgency Sandstorm.
You’ll notice how fast and easy it is to trigger the callouts.

DT could be very similar and add more callouts.

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Very real and very true. I constantly try to open the wheel to say “help me”, but I end up using “i need healing” instead, which isn’t very specific.

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Also the fact that the social wheel callouts are not in the same position as VT2’s equivalents is extremely frustrating and constantly messes with my muscle memory. There was no reason for them to change the position.


My comm wheel wishlist:

  • Yes
  • No
  • Patrol
  • Defend
  • Attack
  • Hold
  • Look here

Edit: I’d also add “ready” to the list.


Yeah, I think this would be good to add.


Hold/wait is the big one I’d make use of a lot more. Ping a patrol and wanting to say WAIT but having no choice besides ENEMY and having people shoot it hurts me.

I’d also just like a simple hello just to be friendly at the start.


Ah, this sends me back to the Team Fortress 2 call-outs… Even the Yes/No voice lines were funny.