Xbox - Sienna's fireball staff bug

Issue Summary:

If you hold LT to attack with AoE damage fireball, chaining those attacks while still holding LT, but you get hit, then when you fire again, it will be normal attack instead of charged one, even if you are still holding LT.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. When holding fireball staff, press LT and keep it pressed the whole time.
  2. Press RT to fire AoE damage fireball (heavy attack). AoE damage fireball will be fired.
  3. Get hit from enemy (while still holding LT).
  4. Press RT to fire AoE damage fireball (while still holding LT). Normal, single target fire attack will be fired.

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Constant (100%)

Additional Information:

This behavior is quite annoying, because e.g. in clutch situations you cannot trade hits for strategic advantage. Or you want to hit/stagger pack of enemies, but you are surprised by sneak attack from behind. In such situations you will end up with one enemy being hit by your normal attack and you being hit by several remaining enemies, which were not staggered. To fire charged AoE fireball again after this happens you need to release and hold LT again. Problem is, when this happens, before you realize it and do the correction, some time passes, after which it may be too late and you get hit again. This is especially dangerous with Unchained career if you are at higher level of your overcharge, because this way you will be easily blown up. It happened to me several times.

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