Fireball firing blanks

When using a speed potion with the fireball staff and attempting to fire off uncharged secondaries in rapid succession, the staff frequently misfires - the animation sort of plays, but no fire comes out.
I am not entirely sure that it never actually fires - After being freed from a grapple, I’ve seen missing animations but then still fired - but it definitely deals absolutely no damage more often than not.
Waiting just a tad bit longer allows the fireball to form.
I’m not sure if this is a bug or me just clicking too fast, so I haven’t filed this as a bug, but I believe it should be possible to actually utilize potions with this staff, and I’m not sure if the speed actually increases charging speed - after all, that isn’t visible with the Fireballs visuals.
I’d like the staff to at least fire, even if it’s with a short delay.

Tl;dr: Fireball can’t properly utilize a speed potion - I’m suggesting changing that by either allowing a higher maximum firerate or utilizing the otherwise questionable action queue to delay the end of charging to the point releasing will actually throw a fireball.

Hm. I definitely throw out uncharged RMB way faster with a speed pot. Does damage too, but have to admit I’ve never looked super hard to see if some of them are ‘ghost’ balls.

I have noticed an annoying tendency to suddenly switch to LMB attacks if you try to spam uncharged RMB however.

I’ve actually noticed this issue with str pot too, couldn’t see any fireballs but I was still doing damage.

That could be the case, too. I assumed it was a speed effect as clicking too fast fires blank, but it could be an unusual interaction with str pots.
I use the tri-pot trinket.

Ever since the snip I’ve been firing blanks and I couldn’t be happier. Kids cost an absolute fortune.

I can say I’ve swigged a str pot and seen nothing except the damage. It’s up to you to understand what I’m on about.

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Ok, tested it a few more times. It definitely does not fire. I’ll put up a bug report.