Barrage - Conflag, Fireball and Flamestorm

Warhammer - Vermintide 2: Bug - Barrage and Flamestorm staff

Video Description:

QQ cancelling at a high speed can cause Barrage to not proc on Conflagration and Fireball staves. There appears to be an internal cooldown for this trait for these weapons. Barrage does not work on Flamestorm.
1.)The Conflag normally is not affected by this but with swift slaying on it is possible to reach an attack speed high enough for this to be noticeable.
2.)The Fireball does not even swift slaying as the animation is fast enough, hence can be cancelled more often within the same time period unlike the Conflag.
3.)Barrage does not proc on a Flamestorm staff. At all.
4.)Charging a Flamestorm staff immediately after ulting will cause the charging and firing animations to not be played. Sound is still played and damage is still done.

Admitedly, this is less of an issue with the conflag as it is on the fireball because the speeds at which QQ cancelling(with Swift Slaying) no longer procs barrage and the practical fastest QQ cancel doable(with Swift Slaying) on the congflag are relatively similar, the latter is faster, hence it is simple to fail the cancel itself.

As demonstrated with the fireball it is possible to QQ cancel fast enough to fire off half a dozen shots multiple times within a small time frame whilst barrage hardly procs.

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I think qq cancelling is considered an ‘exploit’ by fatshark so it not working by using it isn’t rlly an issue. If fs thinks qq cancel is a feature and intended than it should be fixed, but i don’t really know their stance on it.

Thanks for showing :slight_smile:
Edit: wondering if the flamestorm dissapearing only happens on unchained?

I’m not sure if you noticed this, but if you crit with fireball while qq’ing, you will either stack barrage or proc swift slaying depending upon where you are in the animation cancelling chain.

Edit: this barrage “bug” is actually a buff on pyro because attack speed affects fireball staff.

That is exactly why I made this post as I too am unsure about where Fatshark stands regarding QQ cancelling. I mean it wasn’t removed or changed in any sort of way even after something like the DK build, so I’d say their viewpoint is ambiguous at best.

Just tested it, it seems only Unchained’s ult screws with the flamestorm animation.

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I did notice and found it pretty weird.

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