Visual bug: Fireball stuck at left side of screen

Issue Summary: Was playing Pyromancer Sienna and noticed that a fireball (might be burning head) got stuck near the left hand if at first person view and left side of the screen if in third person view. I didn’t notice what caused it. It blocked almost half of the screen when blocking with my melee weapon.


Didn’t appear if holding melee weapon and not blocking.

Session Console Log: console-2019-02-12-04.24.31-0238FABD-A32F-4682-B461-D74F fireball stuck pyromancer.log (2.4 MB)

Don’t run! He just wants to be your friend! :frowning:


I see the same type of visual bug happen with Sienna’s bolt staff.

The bolt gets stuck on her hand and is visible in 3rd person mode, stuck for the duration of the game.

Seems to happen when you are rapidly switching out to melee to ranged. In my case I play with Unchained so this seems to be an issue as well. I don’t see any other issues with other staffs other than Bolt staff. I have never seen a fireball get stuck though

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