Pyromancer Headgear Bug

So the candles don´t shine, but the real bug is, that the fire stucked in the air at the beginning of the map. (She was one of the players, who skips the cut-scene)

100% issue… got detected from me and my gf on different settings. I don´t have a picture of the stucked flames, because they dissappeared after a while.

Does this happen if the player does not skip the cutscene?

Yeah it does. I’ve seen this happen on multiple maps, but I have a screenshot of it being on War Camp. If you squint, you’ll see the candle traces. They actually last a fairly long time. This player didn’t skip the intro.

It happens all the time, seems to be when the mage leaves your point of view, if you spin back around, you can see an outline of the head gear where the person was standing.

As others already said, it seems to happen all the time.

  • If Sienna is running in front of you, the flames will stuck atleast 1-2m behind her and follows her way.

  • If she runs to far away, the flames stuck in the air, will dissappear if you come near and Sienna won´t have any flames on her head for the whole run.

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