Unchained "premium" hat

Is this a bug, right? I t cannot be a feature for sure. This is a pure 3D model with literally no texture.

If this is intended, you need to reconsider what worth the money for yourselves. You do so realistic stuff, the hair, the skin, etc. but this is beyond shame.


Yeah it looks like some of Sienna’s headgear are missing texture.
Battle Wizards premium headgear is another example.

Also the colors on the picture of the skins do not always match the skin.
The pictures are much darker.
I have not bought it so don’t know how it look equipped


This was confirmed to be a marketplace visual issue, and I’ve seen it too. It looks like the one on the right in-game.

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Yeah that unchained “hat” is really bad. If you want to make the concept of fire magic symbols or whatever as a hat, you need to slap a lot of fire particle effects on there, not sell a basic shader-less model that practically anyone with a bit of 3d modeling experience could create during lunch break.
Just doesn’t make sense.

I do love that hat ! (but I don’t enjoy the new 2.0 implementation of unchained compared to some others greatly improved careers in terms of fun)

I don’t understand why the established hat-theme had to be broken.
BW had the lamps, Pyro the candles and UC the masks.
Now all 3 got something completely unfitting, and UC / pyro hats are just sad…

Nah, fam.
BW had jack, Pyro had jack, Unchained had jack.
All of Sienna’s hats before the premium ones were absolutely horrendous and all of them looked bloody the same, I honestly can’t believe someone is complaining that they’re breaking away from the formula.

It got to the point were people couldn’t even tell you had a goddamn hat on, they all looked THAT MUCH ALIKE. For crying out loud, most of them simply added more candles!

I for one am extremely glad they’re making actual new hats for Sienna. New things. New looks.
I’m not exactly happy about the Unchained one, but the Battle Wizard and Pyromancer ones are great. And I’m looking forwards to more cosmetics that aren’t so bloody basic you can’t even tell they’re not the original base hat.


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