Wizard's hair has been broken since before release

Alright, so, a quick history lesson for whoever thinks this isn’t a bug. The wizard’s hair is meant to always be on fire - it was this way in the first game. It only being on fire when she’s on high overheat is, I’m willing to bet, not an artistic decision.

Back in the closed beta, and a short time after the open beta began, her hair was, in fact, always on fire. Then, at one point, something about its lighting got updated, making the game almost unplayable, since being in its vicinity would tank your FPS. It was horrible, and shatfark quickly patched it out with a bandaid solution - I’m quite sure that’s what they called it in the patch notes. Her hair was made normal to make the game playable, with the implication it’d be fixed.

Well, it’s September and she’s still one of the few women in the empire with access to copious amounts of hair gel. For whoever thinks they just decided her hair should only be on fire when she’s on high overheat, the game’s terrible detail pop-in distance comes into play: the wizard you see when you’re not face to face with her still has the flaming hair, if only in very, very, very low quality.

And this is what she actually looks like when you see her. It doesn’t look very natural, her icons don’t match, her hair is on fire in the inventory screen, and I honestly hope that shartfart just forgot to put it back in. Maybe now - late September - may be a good time?

Her hair’s on fire as Unchained, but it’s also a much lower quality effect. I’m willing to believe it’s the way it should be, however.


I’ve passed this on (specifically that the midrange LOD shows siennas hair alight when she’s not overheating).

It’s intended for Sienna to burst in to flames as she gains heat, her tattoos also.


Well that’s certainly… interesting. I can’t say I personally like this design choice. She’s depicted with flaming hair on all the artwork, and always had it in V1. Even the current flame effect looks like it’s meant to go over ambient flaming hair. I suppose we’ll see how it pans out, huh?

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