Xbox One X FPS w/Beta

Hey everyone… long time listener, first time caller!

Anyway, I have been playing the Xbox One X version of V2, and had more of a question about framerates. I noticed when the last patch (about 14GB) lowered the framerate to about 10 - 15fps when things get really intense (like lots of enemies on screen at once), or when you are traveling in the cage at the beginning.

Will there be a way to turn OFF 4K? I would rather have smoother FPS than great visuals if I can’t see what’s happening.

Now I have an Xbox One X Scorpio, so I don’t think that has older outdated drivers than a normal XB1X… but maybe it’s just my machine, overheating perhaps? Any other people have framerate issues with the Xbox Beta?

Thanks everyone!

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I play on the One X and the only frame dips I routinely see are:

  • During a Warpfire Throwers attack
  • In the barn during Against the Grain
  • Occasionally inside the Bridge of Shadows in the Keep.
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